40k Ur-Ghul = Stargrave Gaunch

Ghouls… in… spaaaaace!

“My Ur-Ghul has no eyes”
“How does he look?”

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Gaslands Crates and Gasoline

Post apocalyptic objective markers.

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Eldar Exodite Plans

I am working on Exodites at the moment.  None of the project elements are fully finished yet, but progress has been made.  This post is an exercise in getting a number of my thoughts down in one place, so it might meander a bit.  Here goes…

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Deathworld Jungle: #3 Ramshackle Mutant Plants


The penultimate installment of plants for this round of the Deathworld/Alien Flora & Fauna project is this selection of mutant plants.

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Deathworld Jungle: #1 – Armorcast Alien Plants


Finally putting the “flora” into my Deathworld/Alien Flora and Fauna project, the first seeds lovingly nurtured to bloom are these alien plants. Continue reading



More grotesques today, this time in the form of Tentacle Brains from Ramshackle Games.

"You have ten of your puny Earth minutes to hand over ALL the Advil!"

“You have ten of your puny Earth minutes to hand over ALL the Advil!”

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