Stargrave Town: Mos Xcellent

I’m excited about the upcoming release of Stargrave, so I dropped everything else that I was working on for a while, struck while enthusiasm was high, and put my own spin on a bucket list set of terrain.

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Choose Your Own Adventurers #3: Garnier Wangst, Eldar Trader

My first contribution to a new group project is this “Eldar Trader”, who appears to be a jerk. Continue reading

Eldar Exodite Plans

I am working on Exodites at the moment.  None of the project elements are fully finished yet, but progress has been made.  This post is an exercise in getting a number of my thoughts down in one place, so it might meander a bit.  Here goes…

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Alien Flora & Fauna Project Proposal

SQUEAL at giant mutant space rats!!!

Extra terrestrials and alien environments are a big draw for me in fiction and correspondingly so in my toy soldiers.  I get a kick out of seeing my little guys beset by men-in-suit type aliens while wandering through slightly dodgy and unconvincing miniature sets that have a 1960s Star Trek feel to them.  Creating my own geeky tiny film set like environment, complete with unlikely looking plants and bogus looking monsters is one of the main drivers in the hobby for me. Continue reading

Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer

The above trailer for the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game went up last week.

Its very cute, despite the graphics looking a little dated (pretty inevitable now that the Xbox 360 is in the latter stages of its lifespan).  The trailer also uses the music from the movie “Moon”, which doesnt hurt, Moon being brilliant in every way and all that.

I find that my video game interests spin off into my toy soldier stuff on a regular basis.  Hopefully between this game and the Prometheus movie my enthusiasm might be rekindled enough to finish my Aliens project.  It fell by the wayside back in 2010.

I only wish that the game was a third person shooter.  FPSs are so noughties/nineties.

Resident Evil 6

I tend to only post miniatures related stuff here.  Even then its really only miniatures stuff that is directly connected to me: my miniatures in other words, not notes about upcoming releases from X company or reviews of a TV show or whatever.  There is nothing wrong with doing that sort of thing of course, its just not what I want to do here.

So I am making a little bit of an exception with this post.

I have enjoyed video games for my whole life.  Video games have often been a large part of the inspiration for various miniatures related projects.

Of all of those influences the Resident Evil video game series (not the sub-par movies) has probably had the most impact on my toy soldiers, some of which can be seen here.  Of course the majority of my zombie stuff is connected too.

Therefore news that Resident Evil 6 is to be released in November is definitely worthy of note.

The viral marketing campaign site is nohopeleft.  The big release trailer, in all of its cheesy Bruckheimer glory is below.

That this game finally pairs up Leon (a man whose pithy lines are the only thing limper than his fringe) with Chris (the most frequently appearing male meatball character) is cheesy, bromantic, soap-opera gravy.

Leon has been re-based since this shot. He still has nightmares though.

With RE6 out in November, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City out exactly one month from today plus Resident Evil Revelations out on Feb 7th (only on 3DS.  Boo!)  it looks like 2012 will be annus horribilis, for all the right reasons.


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