I am Char’lee Krown


Motile, humanoid, alien plant-people are hot right now, so I decided to bandwagon jump.


The project is more than just Guardians of the Galaxy inspired, although that film is the primary reason that this particular selection from miniature mountain is getting attention now.  I went into some of the details about my plans for space plant people models in a recent post so give that a look for details if you like.

Groot was chattier in the seventies.

Groot was chattier in the seventies (as was Hulk)

Pulp sci-fi is a favourite genre, Guardians lived up to the immense hype and importantly from my perspective, it featured a character that starred in formative reading (Hulk Annual 1976) that I genuinely never expected to see on screen.  Therefore I am a little bit fanboy about the whole movie.  Miniature projects tend to materialise under such circumstances.

Even by comic book standards, thats an impressive amount of blah, blah to occur during one salvo.

Even by comic book standards, thats an impressive amount of blah, blah, blah to occur during a single salvo.

Painting has been a bit slumpy recently due to many hours of miniature flat pack assembly, a short holiday and general burnout (plus some other dull real life things).  In an effort to get the painting production line going again I decided that a quick project, heavy on drybrushing and other rapid painting techniques would do the trick.  The choice was wooden things or furry things.  Wooden things won this time.

The repulsive, stinking bio-matter custody battle raged ever onwards

The repulsive, stinking bio-matter custody battle raged ever onwards

Todays model is the forces “Big Guy“,  named as an homage to an Irish childrens television character from the 1970s-80s.  Its head reminds me a little of Honey Monster.

Char’lee/Honey Monster is an inexpensive “Bones” plastic Spirit of the Forest model from Reaper Miniatures.  Big, chunky monster types benefit from all the advantages of the Bones material (cheap, light), while suffering few of the disadvantages (excessively flexible, soft detail).  Small Bones models can feel a bit flimsy, but this model feels like a plumbing fitting, which isnt as bad as it sounds.


“I’ma get botanical on your ass”

The bark was painted in a similar way to most of the areas on the Reaper bones Familiar “Stumpy” that I painted last year.  The foliage on Char’lee was painted to match the green areas on Stumpy and L’Oreal (the space elf model that is a primary influence on this project).  The fungus on the model is painted in two different colours, also matching elements of L’Oreals palette, which in turn tie in reasonably well with my jungle terrain.


Flamingo Plumage tufts

Inspired by some of the approach that Azazel took with his version of the model, some of the weaker details were covered up with brightly coloured tufts intended to work with models in my equally lurid jungle terrain.  Arguably I went a little overboard at this stage, giving the model a Liberace Rating of 6.73, but frankly I dont care: I quite like how unique and “alien” the model looks as a result.

Due a visit from the manscape gardener.

Due a visit from the manscape gardener.

I have a feeling that this model (and the entire project really) may be divisive.  Obviously I like elements of all of the models in it or else I wouldnt have bought and painted them, but I suspect that the gaudy scheme and the peculiar models may put some people off.

"Did you hear that?  I heard something move in the jungle..."

“Did you hear that? I heard something move in the jungle…”

More space plant people to come soon.

L to R: L'Oreal, Cha'lee, Tumbleweed

L to R: L’Oreal, Char’lee, Tumbleweed


18 Responses

  1. Nicely done. Space plant people are interesting people. And all the little touches look great. You didn’t go full Liberace (that’d require a large box of rhinestones, I think), so it’s all good.


    • Rhinestones, of course. I knew that Char’lee wasnt quite fabulous enough, but couldnt put my finger on exactly why 😉

      Char’lees buddies are possibly a little more interesting than he is I think, so I hope that you like them too.

      Thanks for the feedback David 🙂


  2. Really looking good. Well done .It is a good nature group you have now.


    • Thanks Johnny. The sculpt is quite heavily on the cartoony side and the bright colours push it further down that route, but I do like the result.


  3. Nice work, and an effective use of the figure. I did the same – covering up the areas of poor detail with flock when I painted my own one of that figure awhile back. Fabbo!


    • I picked up a few sets of brightly coloured “Heather” and “Flower” tufts for this and the ongoing Deathworld/Alien Flora and Fauna project recently, but I only decided to stick them to the body of this model (in addition to the base) after taking a look at your treeman actually Azazel. Nice one.

      Its a fun model, nice and chunky. Thanks for the feedback.


  4. Looks great. I love the flashes of bright colour…they really lift it from what could easily be an homogeneous brown blob if mis-judged. More plant people please 😉


    • Compared to, for example, Azazels version of the same model (linked to above), which is painted in a fairly “realistic”, temperate forest scheme, Char’lee is painted in a gaudy, 60s Star Trek sort of palette. As the model is intended for use in sci-fi games and the model itself hasnt been modified in any way to make it more sci-fi looking (a prosthetic eye of some sort was considered) I thought that it was important to use some colours not usually seen on treemen in this case.

      Im glad that you like it axiom. I think that you might like some of the next additions more in fact, but we shall see. Thanks for the feedback.


  5. Pure joy, I would guess you’re getting great fun out of this little project & tbh I’m really loving it & look forward to what your going to come with next.


    • You are right Frank, it is a fun sub-project. It allows me to get some miniatures that I may never get another opportunity to work on painted and ready to game with, which is fun.

      There are a few more models for this project to come and so far they look pretty decent. Hopefully I should have some more ready to post up within a week or so.


  6. I’m still trying to find the words. Wow, man. That is so awesome! You made him look totally alive, this is amazing. Great work, as usual!


    • Thanks Suber. The bright colours make the model a bit Fraggle Rock, a bit Henson but I like the Forbidden Planet sort of palette. I dont quite know how well the scheme will translate to the rest of the project just yet, but I am fairly confident that it will be different and a little exotic.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  7. Smashing paintjob on this guy. I really like the tufts you did add as it not only improves the overall look of the model, but also adds some more colour. I guess I will also go down this road when I paint mine.


    • Thanks daggerandbrush. Judging by your terrain pieces, I am expecting a photo-realistic treeman from you 😉

      I am generally not keen on the use of static grass to add fur effects to wolves and other mammals. Usually I think that it looks comically ridiculous, in a bad way. It can work in the case of treemen types though, even though the temptation to overdo it is quite high. I think that I got away with it here… but opinions will vary I suspect.

      As you mention, it was the ability to add more textures in colours that echoed those already on the model that made it work here I think.

      Thanks for the feedback.


      • I agree, it really works and does cover some of the less good sections of the Bones sculpt. I might actually add some wire and seamoss for branches. Should give it a bit of bulk.


        • I considered adding a few extra branches to this model to tie it in with other upcoming models in the project actually, but decided against it for storage and other dull, real life reasons. The model is quite large already and I have enough projects jostling for attention without running high risk of having to get involved in repair jobs, so I kept extra branches off the model. I did seriously consider adding a few though.

          I look forward to seeing your take on the treeman daggerandbrush. A model like that should really be squarely in your comfort zone I would think.


  8. I don’t think the colour scheme is as lurid as you think. A primarily wooden model benefits greatly from some colour variation, and he pops very nicely as a result. Great work. I’m keen to see the rest of the group.


    • Thanks mrsaturdays. The addition of the coloured foliage on the model itself was a last minute decision which made the model far more colourful very rapidly. I think that the sudden change in its appearance before I posted it up is what I am seeing.

      Over the weekend I made lots of progress on the other elements in the first batch of models for this project. Additionally, a few things have conspired to hopefully allow me some extra painting time this week. If that works out then I should have another five models ready before the end of the week.

      But dont hold me to that 🙂


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