Dryad Familiar

Dryad Familiar

“Stumpy” – Dryad Familiar

I painted this tiny little fella on a whim a week or so ago.  Its another Reaper Bones miniature, this time some sort of woodland spirit or alien stick insect sort of thing.  Like most familiars, its quite small.

"I think that the little guy is trying to tell us something..."

“I think that the little guy is trying to tell us something…”

Although the miniature is presumably designed to be used as some sort of magical, dryad sort of creature, I hope to get around to using it as some sort of camouflaged alien species in a future game.


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  2. […] bark was painted in a similar way to most of the areas on the Reaper bones Familiar “Stumpy” that I painted last year.  The foliage on Char’lee was painted to match the green areas on Stumpy and L’Oreal […]


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