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A couple of years ago while I was working on a lot of zombie and survivor miniatures I bought a pair of miniature resin portaloos/portapottys from Fenris Games.  These were planned for use as respawn/reinforcement points in L4D inspired zombie games.  I never got around to painting them though.  Until now that is.

As I have a silly idea about a future “Waaaghstonbury!” scenario and I figured that nothing says “music festival” like sharing bodily functions with thousands of kebab and beer ingesting/excreting filthy, disgusting humans, I decided to quickly paint the crappers last week.


I added a few ork “Bog” glyph transfers to the sides of the toilets.  I figure that in strictly human settings those images could easily be branding graphics of some sort.  They were a simple way to give the units a little bit of extra colour.

“Bog” means exactly what you might think it does in orkish, it even looks that way.  Of course then I took another look at the rest of the ork alphabet and it turned our that “Bog” is very close in appearance to “Grub” so I had inadvertently stuck glyphs that mean “food” to the side of the public craphouse…  Because I am in many respects a nine year old boy shackled to the failing body of a male in his late thirties, this amuses me.

Festival Season

Festival Season


15 Responses

  1. Cool Turdises! lol


  2. Looking very much forward to Waaaghstonbury, the setup is looking better and better!


    • Thanks Mikko.

      Mushrööm Klöwd have had a lot if airtime recently, so I will hold off on playing the Waaghstonbury game for a while I think. It will happen, but I have a lot of other miniatures that should get some table time first I think.

      I just can’t decide which ones to use next (which is a pretty good complaint to have really).


  3. You don’t have to justify , it is a perfect addition to the Mushrööm Klöwd setting. I think it could even serve in an orkish version of “Dokta Who”?
    Oh and the little boy in me is winking at the little boy in you.


    • Yeah, Danny Stevensons comment above got me thinking about that. Would “Dokta Poo” be too stupid? Probably not 🙂


      • the way I see it, “overdoing” or “too much” are alien concepts to Orkish psyche, dokta poo sounds fine (with maybe Dokta WOT as close 2nd).
        Oh and I had missed Danny’s first hand on the idea, my bad !


        • Its a group effort 🙂

          As the TURDIS is already up and running then the project only needs Da Dokta, a Kompanion (Im thinking a gretchin in drag) and maybe a robotic squighound.

          We will see what actually makes it through production hell…

          Thanks for the feedback.


  4. These would also make good transmat capsules (or Futurama style suicide booths if that’s your thing).


    • Futurama looks at science fiction stories media in a way that resonates heavily with me, so using these models as proxy suicide booths is a great call. Transmats too.

      I didnt really think that I would get a lot of use out of those items to be honest, but additional ideas for using them seem to be cropping up all over the place 🙂


  5. Haha! I love them, I did a 5 days IT consultancy for a Portaloo company 15 years ago, I finished the networking job on day one and had four days to burn, I got bored very quickly and went on to the workshop floor and help build luxury portaloos for an olympics somewhere or another, I had so much fun, it was really interesting 😀


  6. Haha, every single thing you add here is better than the previous! I also made the Dokta Hoo connection in my mind, but I believe tht’s good enough as it is! Keep on, mate!


  7. Lovely paints!


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