I impulsively bought eight plastic Renedra tents a couple of years ago but never did anything with them.  With recent gaming involving miniature forays into alien jungles, I figured that increasing the number of tent models that I have available might be handy.  I gave the neglected tents a similar quick and dirty, inky paint job to the one that I gave the other Renedra tents and Warhammer Goblin tee-pees a few years ago.

These are very bare bones affairs, but I dont really believe in spending as much time painting these sorts of things as I would painting”proper” miniatures.  They look perfectly adequate as is to me.

I went for a generic brown finish achieved by a couple of ink washes over a white basecoat.  The tents are then broadly suitable for use by everything from my futuristic jungle fighters through post-apocalyptic scavengers to ork marauders.

Obviously certain additions or changes in colour scheme would make the tents more appropriately themed for one force/theatre or another, but what they would gain in character they would lose in practicality.  As I dont ever see myself assembling/painting another 28mm campsite, keeping these tents suitable for use with as many of my miniature forces as possible makes sense.


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  1. Hehe, the idea of Mean going camping with those other two fellows is a bit amusing. =) I can see him, tossing and turning in a sleeping bag in his tent, getting more and more annoyed at the two toffs singing camp fire songs and drinking cheap syntch outside.

    Also, congratulations on the five year anniversary! Impressive!


    • Many of us have had similar camping experiences I expect. Sci-fi often revolves around taking a familiar notion and extrapolating, so a camping trip with a homicidal, mood altered cyborg hill-billy in the adjacent tent just takes the original notion and runs with it.

      “Mean Machine Goes Camping” does have a very 2000AD sort of vibe to it.


  2. Looks good. As you know, I’m a big fan of multi-function, cross-genre scenery pieces. If only I could find a discount, international free shipping etailer who stocks the Renedra stuff, I’d be all over some tents and tombstones and such…


    • Those tents are great: solid plastic one piece things. A quick mould line scrape, a spray and a series of three quick washes and finished.

      Not prize winning stuff, but as atmospheric set-dressing pretty much perfect.

      I cant work out the Renedra shipping costs from the UK to Australia without adding an Australian delivery address to Paypal so I cant check, but is it really expensive?

      Its CNC Workshop items that I crave from your neck of the woods, but shipping repeatedly puts me off.


      • They have come up well!
        I’m not sure how much it costs, since I can’t be bothered to set up an account for a dummy order just to find out the postage costs. I don’t need them for anything anyway, so that makes me much less likely to be willing to pay shipping from the UK, TBH.

        I’m more likely to ask one of my usual stores if they can get them in (or stock them in their B&M sections). It just means that for the amount of fuffing about it takes them right off my “impulse” list and essentially means I’ll have to need them for something in order to go to the trouble of asking people if they stock them and if so could they please add them to their webcarts or, setting up accounts or so forth.

        Understood on the CNC stuff. I can get it with free shipping if I order enough stuff from a local place, but I’ve never bought any of it. It looks great assembled, but just seems like it’s more assembly work than I can really be bothered with for scenery. And, well, there’s always models I’d rather spend the money on. Assembling HIPS stuff is much more palatable for me…


        • I quite enjoy assembling laser cut items actually. Its like a tiny IKEA assembly that doesnt require kneeling all day 🙂


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