Honoured Imperium Marble Statue


After painting the Marble Aquila last week, I figured that I should really paint the statue that came with it before I forget how to do it.  The weather is a bit cheery and upbeat for the grimdarkness of the subject, but as we dont get clear skies here that often I decided to take an outdoor shot anyway.

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Squat Cyber-Slayer

Ursa Miner Cyber Slayer

Ursa Miner Cyber Slayer

Ostensibly an addition to my Sensei crew for some upcoming games, this lovely Bob Olley sculpt will end in in a number of other games too I suspect.  Continue reading

Marble Aquila


Some themed terrain for my 40K skirmishing, with particular reference to upcoming Sensei/Highlander games. Continue reading

Ramirez: Space Spaniard Sensei

Subsequently retconned 40K background including Christian resonance PLUS Sean Connery playing an Egyptian dressed as a Spaniard in dated 80s cult movie EQUALS this: Ramirez1 Continue reading

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