Deadzone Chovar



Arguably more floating alien jelly-not-fish than floating alien brain, this Deadzone model has been drafted into my nothing-if-not-inclusive Tenebrainian force nonetheless.

The Chovar is a psychic support mercenary in Deadzone games.  I havent had the opportunity to play much Deadzone yet, for various reasons but I knew as soon as I heard about the Chovar that it would be painted to match my Tenebrainians.

Deadzone Marauders/orx and Chovar

Deadzone Marauders/Orx and Chovar

That paint job is a little scruffy on the tentacles to be honest, but its easily good enough for purpose all the same.

The more pointed part of the body is the rear of the model I believe.

The more pointed part of the body is the rear of the model I believe.

As the miniature has an armoured shell on its crown, I decided to link it to the Medusharks that I use as small, drone or dog like things in the force.  I see the Chovar in that context as some sort of handler for the little guys.

"Release the hounds!  The brainines will bring them to task"

“Release the hounds! The brainines will bring them to task”

Lastly, below is an image of the entire Tenebrainian force to date, hovering menacingly.  The next additions will likely be the new Cerebalite Queen and some possessed human thralls (thanks for that idea Phreedh).

All the Tenebranians to date.



5 Responses

  1. The last pic cracks me up a bit. I imagine some poor photographer arriving at the scene to do what he thinks is a shot of a sports team. I bet he wished he had worn his brown trousers to work that day. =)

    Especially with that eye-beast at the far end, smiling his most homicidal psycopath smile!


    • The eye-beast is an inherently comical miniature, the whole lot are really. Of the many photos up here, that one us in my top ten. It’s bizarre, creepy pulp sci-fi fully realised in miniature and it’s funny like a shot of Muppet Show characters is funny.

      I particularly like the eyes on the three Ramshackle Tentacle Brains in the image. They look single minded, obedient, stupid and dangerous all at the same time. Great miniatures.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. I was wondering what that model was in the group shot. Good idea having it as the handler for the little guys.


    • You got a preview 🙂

      It’s a weird, creepy thing isn’t it? It fits in as some sort of intermediary level, possibly an underclass of giant, floating, alien tentacle brain I think.


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