I impulsively bought eight plastic Renedra tents a couple of years ago but never did anything with them.  With recent gaming involving miniature forays into alien jungles, I figured that increasing the number of tent models that I have available might be handy.  I gave the neglected tents a similar quick and dirty, inky paint job to the one that I gave the other Renedra tents and Warhammer Goblin tee-pees a few years ago.

These are very bare bones affairs, but I dont really believe in spending as much time painting these sorts of things as I would painting”proper” miniatures.  They look perfectly adequate as is to me.

I went for a generic brown finish achieved by a couple of ink washes over a white basecoat.  The tents are then broadly suitable for use by everything from my futuristic jungle fighters through post-apocalyptic scavengers to ork marauders.

Obviously certain additions or changes in colour scheme would make the tents more appropriately themed for one force/theatre or another, but what they would gain in character they would lose in practicality.  As I dont ever see myself assembling/painting another 28mm campsite, keeping these tents suitable for use with as many of my miniature forces as possible makes sense.

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