Five Years Old Today



I try to avoid writing posts without new miniature content, but I figure that five years is a genuine milestone.

WordPress just informed me that today is the fifth anniversary of the day that I started this stupidly named blog.  I originally intended to use it as a dummy blog to feel my way around and then start a “proper” one with a “proper” name later (I really wish that I had called it “Scale Creep”, then I could be “Mr. Scale Creep” or “The Creep”) but you can see how well that worked.  Suffice it to say that I got a bit better at blogging eventually regardless.

Ballpark I have documented about 600-800 miniatures here since I started.  I must check the total sometime, but as the mission statement was to document my hobby output, then it has been a success.  In fact, blogging about the hobby has caused both the quality and quantity of my miniature output to increase in addition to all sorts of other unexpected benefits (reduced ageing, ESP, that sort of thing).  Go Scale Creep!

Genuine thanks to anyone who has ever taken the time to comment on my tiny corner of the miniature world.

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