Spine Crystals/Kryptonite/Perilium/Warpstone


Less “Deathworld” and more “Underhive”, its some quick crystal formations today.

From Necromunda: Outlanders p.106:

Found at the edges of effluent pools, discharge outlets or any other place where pollutants are allowed to accumulate over an extended period of time, Spine Crystals are not in fact plants, but rather mineral growths. Similar to coral, they are made of densely packed crystals which while brittle, are razor sharp.

Anyone foolish enough or lost enough to find themselves in a growth of Spine Crystals will quickly regret it, as the splintered edges open thousands of tiny and extremely painful cuts. The greatest danger comes from the toxins and corrosive chemicals from which the crystals grow, and is passed into the wounds, turning the smallest scratch into a festering sore that can lead to death if untreated

These crystal markers are also suitable for use as other weird alien things, like the zombie creating Perilium that is mentioned in some Pulp Alley: Perilous Island scenarios or the chunks of Supermans home planet that regularly cause him so much grief.

I got the crystals from  a gamer a while back.  He was planning to use them to jazz up bases or similar I think.  I dont know what sort of crystal they are or where they came from originally.

On a whim recently I glued a few of the crystals to some bases and quickly painted them with Tamiya Clear Green and ta-dah!  Now they are objective/hazard markers.  Thats another Alien Flora & Fauna project entry done, but this time from an entry in the Necromunda: Outlanders supplement.  So it isnt really “flora” or “fauna” and it doesnt come from a “deathworld”.  It is alien at least.

Zombies vs brains

Tenebrainian forces deal with the inevitable posthumous re-invigorational side-effects of Perilium harvesting.


16 Responses

  1. They look nice and shiny to me.


    • Thanks 40kterminatus.

      I was pleased when they came out as glossy as they did. The crystals themselves have quite a gloss finish depending on the facing and the Tamiya Clear range tends to dry very glossy too (I think that it was designed to tint miniature RC vehicle canopies).


  2. Left 4 Dead, Tenebrain style! They would make great warpstone markers for Mordehim, if only you would open your heart to fantasy. 😉


    • I never even thought of warpstone. I will modify the title accordingly.

      I have plans for Mordheim actually. My space ninja ratmen will make the transition to steampunk ninja ratmen fairly seamlessly I think (as in no actual change). Voila.


      • Awesome!

        Clan Skyre Warplock Enginseers are very cool subject matter. The Skaven were always the most technically advanced race what with their penchant for reckless experimentation. A multi-armed multi-headed cannon for an arm albino rat ogre beckons surely.


        • I have loads of Mantic Veermyn of various shapes, sizes and armaments in addition to the plastic gutter runners (who will be better, stronger, faster by the time that I am done with them) and a load of the space/post-apocalyptic ratmen from the Demonblade line.

          I have plenty of suitable models without even buying any more. Thats my concession to Warhammer fantasy for the upcoming years: a skirmish force of high tech ratmen. Not much of a concession Ill admit, but it will work.

          Anyway, the O’Hammerers have to get some grimdark games played before we consider another fantasy get together anyway, so hold that thought for a while yet.


  3. Nice work, and indeed, they fit the Warpstone bill very well.


  4. Yeah, warpstone was my first reaction too. =) Nice one!

    Also, sorry about this mate but I had to Liebster you. I suppose there have been others before me, but still. Here’s my post:


  5. Shiny! I am amazed by the variety of flora, fauna (and now minerals!) you add to your games. It is simply great!!


    • Thanks Suber.

      These were very simple things to get finished. Anyone could do it in an afternoon really. They took less time to finish than painting a Space Marine does.

      I dislike playing a game based on objectives when the objectives are a tiddlywink or a scrap of paper or whatever. Whats the point in painting the armies and getting the scenery together in that case? Every tabletop miniature gaming type should have a set or three of objective markers.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  6. Another great and also heinously useful addition to your terrain set.


    • Thanks Mr S.

      Obviously they are a really simple job, but their translucent nature make them look quite nice all the same.

      I might make a few smaller ones at a later date perhaps, ones that look a little more man (or rat-man) portable. I have a few clear plastic “gem” things that would do the trick.


  7. Real nice!


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