Deathworld Jungle: #3 Ramshackle Mutant Plants


The penultimate installment of plants for this round of the Deathworld/Alien Flora & Fauna project is this selection of mutant plants.

EDIT:  I have since added some Sedition Wars terrain here too as it didnt warrant its own post.


These goofy, pulpy, cheap Technicolor TV show looking pieces are from Ramshackle Games.  They are officially licensed miniatures for use with Ganesha Games Mutants and Death Ray Guns game, an amusing post-apocalyptic skirmish game that is about to go into its second edition.  In MDRG these plants are “gang” members rather than terrain, like marginally more intelligent triffids, so you will probably notice various forms of locomotion on these models.


Being somewhere between proper toy soldiers and terrain, I found it hard to decide how much work to put into these models: I didnt want to dwell too long on what will mostly just be one terrain piece amongst many.

In the end I just bundled them in with the rest of the Deathworld jungle stuff and gave them a quick, colourful paint job, so they will look a little cruder than some of the more normal miniatures seen in the pictures around here.  The Ramshackle sculpting style isnt to everyones tastes, but I really quite enjoy painting the fun, characterful pieces that Curtis sculpts.  These models were fun to quickly paint.


As well as the various plants visible there are four “Lurk” tokens visible in the image at the top of the page (the smaller markers).  They are used as a mechanism in MDRG.  I plan to use them for that as the need arises and as little terrain pieces the rest of the time.  I might go back to the leaves on the Killer Onion above.  They look a bit too slapdash.


The model with the blue leaves and orange flowers above (a “Beguiley Bush” if I remember correctly) is proving to be a favourite.  I think that because it doesnt have the obviously threatening aspects that it somehow looks more suspicious than the rest.  Untrustworthy, quisling Beguiley Bush, Im watching you…

Venusian Mantrap

Another carnivorous plant.  My miniature jungle is chock-a-block with those things now.  They are like dandelions.


Last is this peculiar thing: a tree that seems to be growing humanoid fruit for some reason.  Its a fun model, peculiar and slightly sinister.  Ever since I first saw it it reminded me of the TV ad for Natrel Plus below.  That makes it funnier as far as I am concerned.

The real meat of this jungle project will be in the next and final jungle post, probably up either tomorrow or the day after: lots of generic space jungle (whats a generic space jungle?) bases and some shots of the whole lot together.  Im looking forward to seeing those myself, although I have got a bit too close to the project to see it reasonably objectively now.

EDIT: I decided to add some of the organic terrain from Sedition Wars here too, as it doesnt really warrant its own post.  The short version is thet the Sedition Wars terrain isnt “restic” its “hard plastic” of some sort and the technorganic elements looked like the would fit in well in my space jungle, so I added them here.

Sedition Wars techno-organic terrain pieces.

Sedition Wars techno-organic terrain pieces.


8 Responses

  1. lol that advert brings me back! The first picture is like a corporate team photo. 🙂

    I think you have nailed the balance of quick and nicely painted with these critters, they are not at all jarring and quite pleasing en masse. It was certainly fun playing with them on the board.


    • It rankled using these when I hadnt fully based them to be honest, but they were painted and varnished at least. I do like how the basing and in particular the “Meadow Flowers” tufts make them look like they are located somewhere a little more lush than usual.

      The next time that we have a jungle based game the table will be unrecognisable. In addition to all the hostile things that have been posting over the last few days I have almost finished all of the generic jungle too.

      The Natrel ad is funny. Vic & Bob did an episode of one of their shows where the “Natrel woman” was hiding in various parts of the set whenever they went around a corner. I couldnt find a link. Natrel made a follow up ad in the early nineties that had a lot more almost-nudity and wolves in it. That sounds like it should be better, right? It wasnt.

      As for corporate photos, its going to be hard to get a laugh from that table at the Xmas do.


      • I can imagine the Xmas variety entertainer at that party “I have a soft spot for my mate-plant-seed-mother-in-law, its a death swamp at the back of my house, boom boom”


  2. Great plants, I have a few of the Ramshackle ones too.
    I made some tryffids for my table out of plastic bag ties, cake candle holders, drinking straw and green stuff putty. They are easy to make. Take a look.
    I can provide a quick overview on how they where made if you want.


  3. Again you nailed the look of these plants as strange, yet realistic. I obviously also love the Zoidberg miniature.


    • Im glad that you reckon that the plants look somehow realistic. I am getting space-plant burnout at this stage and its hard to see these with any objectivity now. Ask me how I feel about them in six months and I will have a better notion of whether I like them or not 😀

      I try to get Zoidberg into a fair few scale comparison shots. For a character without any friends, he tends to be popular. People love that guy (and that model).


  4. […] Deathworld Jungle: #3 Ramshackle Mutant Plants […]


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