Barker Zosa: Construction Worker


Two variations of the same named character from the Sedition Wars game, painted fairly quickly in order to fit in with the rest of my sci-fi Construction Crew. Continue reading


Dead Body Objectives


I needed some markers to represent dead bodies that some characters had to rummage around in during the Get to the Chopper! game recently, so I quickly painted these a week or so beforehand.

The two variants – legless, rib cage exploded outwards dead guy and sad, died in abdominal agony in long coat lady – come from the rather cool terrain pack that is available for Sedition Wars.  Considering the sorts of miniature games that I favour, rummaging through chunks of imaginary dead body comes up a fair bit, so I expect these to get a lot of use.  Im surprised that I never got around to something like this before now frankly.

Deathworld Jungle: #3 Ramshackle Mutant Plants


The penultimate installment of plants for this round of the Deathworld/Alien Flora & Fauna project is this selection of mutant plants.

EDIT:  I have since added some Sedition Wars terrain here too as it didnt warrant its own post. Continue reading

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