Gaslands Crates and Gasoline

Post apocalyptic objective markers.

A decent, simple set of objective markers is always nicer to use in a game than a flat cardboard counter. These ones come from Ramshackle Games and were simple and straightforward to get tabletop ready. I based them on Renedra 20mm bases.

I got a few larger barrels, gas tanks etc from Ramshackle that I plan to make larger fuel dump terrain pieces with later.


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  1. Perfect 🙂

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  2. For extra “fun” designate one of the fuel markers as “super high octane” that blows up the car’s engine during a randomly determined turn XD

    BTW comments aren’t enabled on your wastelands police post. They look fantastic though! The “retro” uniform style is perfect! (Also the link to the Dark Futures figs is broken. Try the image on

    As always thanks for inspiring us! 😀

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    • Thanks for the heads up re the comments Allison. The WordPress app defaults to disabled comments on posts for some reason, which is irritating. I must take a look at the settings.

      I considered numbering the fuel cans – for the sake of determining random cans at some undefined future point – but didn’t bother in the end. There are all sorts of scenario variants that could use N₂O or other volatile contents in some of the canisters: plenty of room for ridiculous add-on nonsense.

      I’m glad that you like the 20mm cops. They were painted fairly fast, but were fun to work on. The link to Collecting Citadel Miniatures isn’t working because the entire site seems to be down. Hopefully it will just be a temporary thing.


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