Judgement Day #33: Mutant with Bazooka


… or possibly “lazooka”, it depends.  “Mutant with large laser weapon” covers it one way or another.  Actually, lets just call him Lazooka Joe.


“Joe” is a 1980s era Judge Dredd Role Playing Game miniature manufactured by Games Workshop.  The figures from that range can be quite small, a little too petite to sit well with the rest of my figures.  Some subjects (mutants, robots etc) are far less scale sensitive than others, which is where this guy comes in.


As a mutant resident of the Cursed Earth – an environment not unlike the ruined world that “Mad” Max Rockatansky inhabits – Lazooka Joe likely scavenges in the post-nuclear, apocalyptic remains of North America.


At the time of writing, Im not sure where a fez can be obtained in the pre-apocalyptic North American environment, but Joe obviously went there after the bombs went off and unearthed himself a hat.


And some underpants.


Joes lazooka looks slightly makeshift, as if elements have been improvised and rewired.  I decided to play that up by making the power unit look like a modern battery with a silly play on the branding.

While I am certain that the goofy name is in keeping with the 2000AD house style, painting those silly letters took far longer than they should have.  They still look a far bit “off” too, but if you dont practice, then you never get anywhere I guess.  They do the trick adequately enough.


My group of post human scavengers is slowly building.  They have been fun models to work on and I have a lot more waiting in the wings.  An entire force of mutant freedom fighters will surely hit my gaming table in 2016.


Mr Saturday is due to post #34 next week.


20 Responses

  1. Brilliant! He’s such a great character, and a cracking paint job – I’m sure I used to have a pair of boxers like those too, but Inever thought to combine them with a fez… πŸ™‚

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    • And high street fashionistas throughout the world applaud your restraint Alex πŸ˜‰

      The sculpting on the pants looks a helluva lot more like a pair of drawers than any sort of outdoor wear, so I ran with it. I mean look at that guy? He is doing his own thing, he doesnt care what anyone else thinks. Joe is a fashion movement of one.

      Thanks for the feedback Alex!

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  2. What a mini. Every heavy weapon mutant should be outfitted with a fez. The spotty underpants are pretty exceptional too. The lazooka looks great, that’s a sweet glow at the front. An excellent character to have on the table.

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    • “Every heavy weapon mutant should be outfitted with a fez.” has been echoing around in my head since I read that last night. Considering that heavy weapon troopers will be thin on the ground in the mutant liberation crowd, that might very well end up being a theme…

      The underpants had to happen.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  3. That lense effect turned out great! Is there more to it than just progressive highlighting?

    His weapon looks more detailed than done of the later Citadel weapons I’ve seen :O Pretty snazzy.

    Going into combat, wearing nothing more than a fez & spotty boxer shorts, but carrying a big arse gun….that’s brave πŸ™‚

    To job Mr Shoe.

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    • Just progressive highlighting and a little bit of glazing here and there on the lens Optimus. I did use the GW “Lahmian Medium” (a blending medium) to apply successive thin layers of some of the colours to get a reasonably smooth transition. Its not perfect, but its alright.

      If his opponents are carrying hardware of similar magnitude then perhaps Joe is right not to reduce manoeuvrability with restrictive armour. The guy in the fez might have the last laugh…

      Thanks for the feedback Op!


  4. Well done Cheetor. Shoeless (and shirtless) Joe looks great. I know the lettering was a pain, but I love the hand you chose and it looks great from a continent away. Probably looks even better from table distance. (I personally find pictures are unforgiving.) Love your mutant squad.

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    • Thanks David! The lettering is a bit off, but as you say, it looks dandy on the table. I gave it enough of my time in this instance, next time it will be that much better πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the feedback!


  5. Underpants! Branded batteries!! Fez!!!

    This guy ticks all the cool boxes for me. Plus he’s a really interesting figure in and of himself. I like the whacky pose. I like the goofy mutated feet. I like his over-sized and ramshackle lazooka. Nice addition to the team. Viva la revolution!

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    • Its a great little figure.

      Some of the sculpt is really very crude, but largely those elements are on the bottom surfaces so they dont show too much. They are pretty rough when you spot them though.

      Nonetheless, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and the figure has loads going for it. With or without some modification the same model light look good in your creepy Slaaneshi cult. The guy is already in his underwear after all…

      Thanks for the feedback Axiom!


  6. A very interesting model from back in the day when I think GW put more fun into making models, the polkadot boxer’s show’s off your imagination for these things is at the highest level, well do sir

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    • Thanks Frank. There is definite vibe of fun from the Dredd range, despite a lot of its comparative technical crudity. The influence of that 2000AD sense of black humour was certainly carried over into Rogue Trader too (which Rick Priestley worked on immediately after finishing work on the Judge Dredd RPG, which this model is from).

      Whether modern GW products officially have a sense of humour or not isnt really a big concern to me. I find the whole thing fundamentally and enjoyably absurd, so I treat is as such. The amusement value of a setting can be enjoyed while still taking it “seriously”.

      Thanks for the feedback Frank, Im glad that you found his pants amusing πŸ™‚


  7. Haha, the little guy is amazing, but you certainly made him pop up! Lovely paint there, it for sure makes the little fella a full character!

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  8. you had me at “Fez and polka dot underpants”

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    • Glad to hear it Guiscard!

      Its a fun sculpt that demanded to be taken seriously, in a fez and polka dot underpants sort of fashion.


  9. I’m always amazed you manage to make a guys wearing underwear and a fez look menacing with his oversized lazooka. Real lesson here.

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    • Just to be slightly serious for a second, the guys outfit looks reminds me a little of images of rebels/insurgents in economically less well off regions. Sometimes those people wear clothes that have Western motifs and designs, but they seem slightly odd in the very different context. The downtrodden mutant underclass in the Cursed Earth would have some similarities I think.

      Not that I ever saw images of real life fighters in polka dot underwear and a fez of course. I never saw one with a laser cannon either.

      Thanks for the feedback Asslessman, Im glad that you like it.


  10. “Megacell” is a perfect Judge Dredd adaption, and the fez and spotted underoos are great too..

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    • There were times when I was trying to make the branding and look half decent when I wondered if it was worthwhile effort. Knowing that it made visual sense to folks like you Lasgunpacker, reassures me that it was .

      Thanks for the feedback!


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