Judgement Day Xmas Break


Mr Saturday and I have agreed to take a short break from the Judgement Day project.  With various other commitments at this time of year, we reckon that February first is a good time to pick things up, so Judgement Day #35 will be posted on that date.

The figures below are what we have managed to tag team through for the last while, while also keeping other projects on the boil.

Hopefully you will join us in February for more 28mm Dredd items (although there will be other items here in the meantime too)

Thanks for your enthusiasm for the project in 2015!



9 Responses

  1. Take a break you earned it😀 .Have a great Christmas.

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    • Thanks, you too Model Warrior 🙂

      I plan to work on a variety of models between now and February, but not “having” to work on Dredd stuff for a while will reinvigorate the project rather than possibly leading us to burnout.

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  2. That’s a hell of an achievement dude… enjoy the break!

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    • As I am sure that you fully grasp after getting involved in the Rogue Quest project with Axiom and Asslessman, a lot of the fun of the project is the team nature of it. While simply getting the miniatures painted is pleasing, the back and forth chatting and shared enthusiasm is what gives it added value to me.

      Thanks for the kind feedback Alex!

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  3. NNNOOOO you have both ruined Christmas, only joking Paul & Dave & thanks for all the enjoyment the two of you have given me with your wonderful models & if indeed you start back in February then I look forward to seen more wonderful stuff.

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    • Thanks for the kind feedback as ever Frank 🙂

      Barring something serious and grown up happening in real life, we will definitely be continuing the project in February. This is just an opportunity to indulge to a less strict hobby timetable for a while.


  4. Lovely collection you’ve built up during this project, and just a portion of an impressive output for the year too, nicely done! Are you downing tools for the Christmas now or will there be more done before the new year? I’m busy this weekend with real life stuff but I’m hoping to squeeze one more out before Santy arrives

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    • I certainly dont plan to down tools at all Rochie. Its just I plan to apply the tools to whatever takes my fancy for a few weeks, rather than being tied to a deadline. I want to free myself up to do whatever I whimsically feel like for the break, if you see what I mean.

      Starting with tidying the man cave again: its a bit too chaotic and I I clear it then I can get stuck into whatever I want.

      My 2015 output will pale in comparison with yours Rochie, I hope that you put up a photo list of everything.

      Thanks for the feedback!


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