“Hey, are you interested in a cartoon/comic/movie about Teenage Mutant Turtles?”

“No way!”

“What if they were ninjas?”




I am a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan.  I have wanted to paint TMNT toy soldiers for years, but I never found the right project to slot them into.  Until now.

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Judgement Day #33: Mutant with Bazooka


… or possibly “lazooka”, it depends.  “Mutant with large laser weapon” covers it one way or another.  Actually, lets just call him Lazooka Joe.


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Judgement Day #27: Cursed Earth Mutant Quaid


Fallout fluctuated freedom fighter.

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Judgement Day #25: Rhode Island Red


“Rhode Island Red”, a mutant that featured in a single story, “The Fear That Made Milwaulkee Famous!” from Judge Dredd Annual 1981.

Well, one person ends up calling him that a number of times.

One “nobody” does end up using that term a number of times over the course of the story.

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