It’s time to get things started…


Im currently obsessing about miniature space frog people.

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Judgement Day Project


Mr Saturday and I are lifelong fans of Judge Dredd.  We have been collecting and painting toy soldiers for approximately the same duration. So why is it that neither of us have very many painted Dredd related miniatures?

Because we lack discipline, thats why.

In order to rectify this situation we have decided to execute a simple plan called “Judgement Day“.   Continue reading

Clutches of Chaos Crossover: #2 – Manifestation


A few months ago I posted some details about a fun collaborative project that Andy (from Tales from The Maelstrom) and I were planning.  As of today the project has moved on to the next, fully tangible stage. Continue reading

Clutches of Chaos Crossover: #1 – Summoning

Tales from the Maelstrom.clipular

I had a lot of fun with the Governor General of Sector Six Blog Crossover project earlier this year, so when an opportunity to engage in a slightly different sort of cross-blog project with Tales From the Maelstrom came up, I took it. Continue reading

“Helga” Gets Minor Makeover

Helga - now with orange trim

Helga – now with orange trim

After some agonising about realism(?) and return on painting time spent I decided to give Helga a little more attention this evening.  After taking on board some of the feedback that I got on the original Helga paint job, I decided to add orange trim to the four wings (fins? Aerofoils?) and to a handful of small details on the little turret and the hull roof.



I think that this improves the look of the model without making it excessively toylike, although I think that the photography might be slightly worse this time around.  Many thanks to all of you who gave helpful feedback 🙂

More feedback on the finished job is definitely welcome of course, but I dont think that I will be returning to Helga with a paintbrush again one way or another.

Alien Flora & Fauna Project Proposal

SQUEAL at giant mutant space rats!!!

Extra terrestrials and alien environments are a big draw for me in fiction and correspondingly so in my toy soldiers.  I get a kick out of seeing my little guys beset by men-in-suit type aliens while wandering through slightly dodgy and unconvincing miniature sets that have a 1960s Star Trek feel to them.  Creating my own geeky tiny film set like environment, complete with unlikely looking plants and bogus looking monsters is one of the main drivers in the hobby for me. Continue reading

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