Sci-fi Traffic


Sci-fi civilian vehicles: its like the 1950s, but in spaaace!

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Imperial Firebase via Deadzone

FirebaseCompositeFinal I made an homage to a 1990s card and plastic terrain kit out of Mantic Deadzone/Battlezone scenery. ImperialFirebase Continue reading

Urban Sci-Fi Terrain


Judges patrol the rad-zones of Sector 13.

I have been working on a terrain set for the last few months.  Urban sci-fi terrain has been a goal since I first got into toy soldiers in the eighties, but its only now that I am finally getting to fully indulge in getting the necessary bits ready.

More details and info will follow over the next few weeks but for now, after a weekend of painting ruined buildings, this snap is a proof of an almost thirty year old concept that pleases me quite a bit.

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