Choose Your Own Adventurers #12: Doug Orewell, Squat Miner

In a space mine (space mine),
In a space mine (space mine),
Where a million dilithium crystals (shine).

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Judgement Day #7: B0L7


My submission for Judgement Day #7 is B0L7, a Renegade Robot.

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Judgement Day #3: KNU7


KNU7 is my second submission for the ongoing collaborative Judgement Day Project. Continue reading

Barker Zosa: Construction Worker


Two variations of the same named character from the Sedition Wars game, painted fairly quickly in order to fit in with the rest of my sci-fi Construction Crew. Continue reading


I took WIP photos while painting one of the second batch of Sci-Fi Construction Crew models last week.  I did that in order to illustrate how I went about the process in a subsequent blog post, this post in fact.


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Famous Faceplates


This evenings presentation is a handful of robots – seventy-five percent of which are pop-culture types – to add to my recent sci-fi civilian Construction Crew.  It is more of Demolition Crew at this point. Continue reading

Sci-Fi Construction Crew

ConstructionCrew1 Who builds all of those miniature future utopian/dystopian/pre-apocalyptic buildings?  These rapidly painted guys, that’s who. Continue reading

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