Well, looks like ol’ Roberto’s the focus of attention now! … STOP LOOKING AT ME!

Everybodys favourite escapee from the HAL Institute for Criminally Insane Robots today.


Not many thieves steal from sperm bank.  Of those that do, even fewer of the culprits are robots.  Roberto is that sort of robot.


The product of a “failed” experiment to build an insane robot in the Futurama TV show, Roberto enjoys stabbing.

Like Zoidberg, Roberto is a figure that I picked up from Armorcast a couple of years ago.  I have included Zoidberg in my Ordo Xenos Inquisitorial style games, but I didnt have a particular use for Roberto in mind.


Walter the Wobot gets mugged.

Then 2015 unexpectedly became a rather robot heavy hobby year for me, which meant that I was pleased to be able to add Roberto to my Renegade Robot project (primarily for use in Judge Dredd themed games).  Robots dont get a lot more renegade than Roberto, so he fits right in.


Robots busily roboting it up.

I was tempted to add weathering and other things to make Roberto more “realistic” or just a bit lived in, but decided to leave the model with the simple paint job shown.  He probably looks more entertainingly like his cartoon version this way.

I foolishly forgot to take a photo of Roberto alongside Zoidberg.  I will have to correct that oversight at a later point.


22 Responses

  1. Looking good! 🙂

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  2. Hahaha Oh! god that good 😀

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  3. “Walter the Wobot gets mugged” is my favourite picture on the internet now. And yes, that does include pornography. Any chance of a higher resolution version, it looks a bit pixelated on my 27″ screen.

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  4. You really come up with some peaches Paul, I love him

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  5. This robot project is one of my favourite miniatures related things at the moment. Great work!

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    • When I was a kid I preferred the alien and robot Star Wars figures to the humans. In toy soldier terms I have tended to go for aliens, but it’s only this year that I have fully embraced this domesticated style of pulp robot in miniature.
      I’m not sure when enthusiasm will run out, but I have lots more waiting their turn. I’m glad that you are enjoying them Mikko, thanks for the feedback.


  6. He looks oddly at home in MC1. Nice addition, you got serious robot mojo right now.

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    • Although the writers come at the subject slightly differently, Futuramas New New York is extremely similar to Mega City One. I see huge overlap.

      Roberto is definitely more cartoony than many MC1 subjects, but less so than many of the wackier elements. He fits right in as far as I am concerned. The potential for amusing imagined in game dialogue between the likes of Walter, Mek-Quake and Roberto is high 🙂


  7. Very nice 🙂 I too enjoyed thee mugging photo.

    The figure itself is a bit cartoony for my taste – as you have noted – but you have brought him to life very well.

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    • I do understand why the design might not appeal to some, Roberto is a little more extreme visually than even something like C3PO.
      Roberto is within my tolerances though, but I do have an appetite for the apparently absurd: homicidal, carnivorous, flying space squirrels for example, or floating, tentacled, raygun wielding alien brains for another.

      Thanks for the feedback Warburton 🙂

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      • He is definitely more cartoony than the others you have done so far, but he fits in pretty well. This is an excellent project – and your blog can always be relied on for some apparently absurd content 😉

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  8. Awesome collection, man!

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  9. Absolutely great! I didn’t even know that mini existed, but you made my day, haha!

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    • It is a fun model, made a whole lot more fun if the viewer is familiar with the show.

      Thanks for the feedback Suber 🙂


  10. Great work. I knew I recognised it at first, but needed the screenshot-prompt. Well done on this guy!

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