Judgement Day #9: Bat-glider

Batter1 Todays Judgement Day entry is a citizen turned perp via the accoutrements of his hobby, all the while rocking quite the moustache. Batter2 Like pro-eating, shuggy and boinging, bat-gliding is a common pastime in Mega City One.  The more sedate nature of using thermals to stay aloft means that batter clubs draw an older crowd than the young skysurfing hellraisers.  Every Big Meg cit is a perp waiting to happen however and batgliding enthusiasts are no exception. Batter1 Like a number of the earlier miniatures from the Mongoose Publishing Judge Dredd range, this batter is based on a Ron Smith illustration from the old Daily Star strips.  With that outfit, the facial hair and the dastardly expression there is no mistaking Benny the Bat for one of the many thousands of other batters swooping around the city.  Not that Benny achieved any form of notoriety as a bat burglar or anything: he went straight to the cubes after nine panels. Batter2 I dont remember Benny featuring in any colour publication at any point.  Regardless of whether he did or didnt,  I wanted to paint him in colours at least partly inspired by a tiny image of a batter in the foreground of a Boo Cook illustration of the Grand Hall of Justice in a Judge Anderson strip a few years ago. Batter10 I didnt go for an exact copy of the outfits colour scheme in the illustration, but I did want to push the sportswear look.  Those sorts of outfits used to look futuristic and improbable when I read the comic in the eighties, but the palette and general style look a lot like what I see on overweight middle aged men cycling around at the weekends these days.  To date the local guys dont have wings though, in fairness.


Benny the Bat prepares to leap from Conurb Heights before Judge Plodd can bring him to justice.

Next Mondays Judgement Day submission will be from Mr Saturday, as usual.  He and I are due to get together for some Judge Dredd gaming soon, so some photos of that are likely to show up in the near future.


10 Responses

  1. Nice work. I like the colours, more so once the idea behind them was explained 😉 The last photo also gives a nice illusion of height. Good wo0rk.

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    • Huh, it does. Not sure why.

      Anyway, this guy is great. Highlighting purple is so rewarding somehow, and here the result is striking.

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      • Thanks No Such Agency!
        I have avoided painting purple for most of my thirty years painting toy soldiers: I have never had a “go to” technique for it. This was an experiment to see if I could get it to work out in a minimalist sort of way.
        Like the set dressing, there is room for improvement, but it worked out adequately technically speaking and nicely in terms of palette I think.


    • I tried to give an impression of height in the shot. It worked to an extent, with some room for improvement.
      Thanks for the feedback Warburton!


  2. Lovely paint job Paul & the choice of colours I think is spot on with the pink even helping him to look more menacing in away that only comic book can do.

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    • Thank you Frank.
      I like how the colour combo worked out, but I reckon that it’s the Dick Dastardly face that delivers that slightly surprising element of gleeful menace.
      It’s a fun figure.


  3. He’s a real MC1 character, this guy. Batters are just pure Judge Dredd to me, as much as fatties and futsies. Great palette, I think you nailed the sports look, and that moustache…

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    • Yeah, although the flying squirrel look seems like something that would regularly feature in sci-fi, I struggle to think of other examples. Definitively MC1 as you say and a nice sculpt.
      Thanks for the feedback Mr.S!


  4. He may looks like a total loony at first sight but god, look at that moustache and that smile, he definitely must have got something right !
    I really love the colours which are just excatly what you’d expect them to be on a cover so that’s as spot on as you can get as far as I’m concerned.

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    • Part of what I have always liked about the Dredd setting is that everyone is what could be regarded as crazy, its just that Big Meg cits make it look a bit more obvious than us 2015 folks. From their perspective the craziest character in the city is Max Normal, a man wearing a conservative suit 🙂

      The colours did work out well, although the oink took longer than it should. It did end up looking rather nice though.

      Thanks for the feedback Asslessman!


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