Judgement Day #7: B0L7


My submission for Judgement Day #7 is B0L7, a Renegade Robot.

Something of a companion piece to KNU7, B0L7 is another Mongoose Publishing/Warlord Games Renegade robot, also painted to match my Sci-Fi Construction Crew.


KNU7 and B0L7 aggressively unionise the Crew.

The model is a rather plain design, but that aesthetic is well in keeping with the MC1 robot designs in 2000AD over the years.  The simplicity of the figure made it rapid and pleasant to paint too, I quite enjoyed the process.


Almost by accident, the Renegade Robots have unexpectedly become my second painted faction for Dredd games (after the Justice Department figures that I painted a few years ago).  I have numerous robot models from different sources that will fit in nicely with these, so I have sufficient ready to go now, but with many future options for additional members.


IF humans = dead THEN perform The Robot


Walter chairs a meeting of robot freedom fighters in the Sector 13 ruins.


The lads had trouble getting admission to “The Love Pump” on KNU7s stag night. Guzzling Total Quartz INEO ECS 5W/30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil in the hoverbus shelter turned out to be more fun than expected anyway.

A flesh and blood Big Meg citizen will appear for Judgement Day #9, but Mr Saturday will present Judgement Day #8 beforehand, next Monday.

Lastly, Bell of Lost Souls picked up on this project via Twitter last week, which was nice 🙂


10 Responses

  1. Very nice 🙂 The renegade robots / construction crew are becoming a very nice little group. The terrain makes for great back-drops to the photos too.

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    • The Renegade Robots slot into the Construction Crew rather well, the synergy in the projects makes them feel like I get extra bang for my buck.

      The terrain is gradually building alongside this project (and others). I think that its getting a little better every time. By the end of the year I should have a lot more city terrain ready (I have loads more assembled and sprayed and ready to be weathered and detailed), but I dont think that I will get it on my timetable before the Autumn at the earliest.

      I am glad that you like it though. I am getting a kick out or taking some tentative steps towards more atmospheric shots.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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  2. I love that picture of the robot crew rampaging (or repairing?) down the street.

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    • While there is definitely room for improvement, I do like that photo in particular. The vertical street sign disappearing out of the top of the frame hints a little at the scale of the setting.

      Thanks for the feedback Subedai.

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  3. Another fine addition to the robot revolution, the hazard stripes on the chainsaw are pleasingly old school. Your robot painting technique continues to impress.

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    • Thanks Mr S.

      The technique for the construction robot scheme is becoming a little more routine and assembly line now, having painted 15+ models that way. Its getting even more cartoon looking I think, with things like the line highlight on the flat plain panels being something lifted straight from comic book illustrations.


  4. Another great model paint job & I agree with Mr Saturday your technique is hot hot hot.

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    • Thank you Frank.

      Lots more robots to come, although I think that is the end of the yellow abd black models for a while now.


  5. Woo, so cool! You built a perfect crew there, really lovely work!

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    • Thanks Suber, I do think that the group looks good and is also pretty unique.

      Thats the end of the Construction Crew elements for a while I think, but there are more robots and civilians coming.


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