Refurbished Robots

Refurbished Robots1

I quickly painted these old Megaminis robots while going through a minimalist “dipping” phase in my toy soldier painting a few years ago.  I painted them primarily for use in Robo Rally games.  With my current interests leaning more towards non-com/civilian miniatures and particularly robots, I decided to rebase these models, add a layer of highlighting to most of them and add a tweak here and there and re-varnish.

The sculpting is a little crude and they wont win prizes for painting, but the figures are undeniably charming.  The colours also have a nice Futurama/Mega City One/Raygun Gothic feel.    I can see these units getting a lot of use in Judge Dredd games both as non-coms and also potentially as part of a Renegade Robot gang.  It was surprisingly satisfying to go back to these fun little models and to bring them up a decent standard for gaming with.


The temptation to field a self aware vacuum cleaner as a Don-bot in the robot mob has lots of appeal.  I particularly like the goofy French Maid-bot that presumably calls him “Sugah” while massaging his… dust bag?  Nozzle?  Power cord?  No matter what I say it sounds smutty.


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  1. I realise right after adding more civilians in my collection, I’ll have to add robots as well. Nothing sets an ambiance like small utilitary robots, either as pure decoration, NPCs controlled by a GM or as objectives.
    For that matter you’ll probably want a wobot to iron your favourite judge’s panties and to prepare breakfast…

    Excellent set of models here (I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t expect anything disapointing from this place)

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    • Even in the AI-phobic modern 40K setting there is room for various small utility robots. They dont have to necessarily represent fully sentient machines, just something a little smarter than a Roomba.

      In the majority of sci-fi settings utility robots could nearly be regarded as mandatory I think, they are useful for setting the appropriate ambience as you mentioned. They are essential in the Dredd setting.

      In addition to the Construction Crew, I hope to bring these little guys along for potential use in the cyberpunk game at BOYL, assuming that they fit with your vision of how the game should look.

      A suitable wobot might be along sooner than you think Asslessman…


  2. I love the picture and especially the background😀

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    • Thanks. I have a lot of similar terrain in the works at the moment, Im quuite excited about it 🙂
      I hope to get some decent photos of the new urban sci-fi terrain over the next couple of months, but we have builders in the house, so it has to wait for a while.


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