Barker Zosa: Construction Worker


Two variations of the same named character from the Sedition Wars game, painted fairly quickly in order to fit in with the rest of my sci-fi Construction Crew.


I dont know a whole lot about the game background for Sedition Wars, but I am pretty sure that Barker comes from some sort of militarised industrial union (the “Firebrand” I think).  As such it dawned on me in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago that I could fit both versions of the character into my Construction Crew project, so I did.


Getting an eye level photo of Barker in the larger exo-suit (an “Aphid Frame”) proved very tricky once the rollbar was in place, so in the end I just didnt photograph it.  You will just have to trust me when I say that the pilot has a face and that I painted it.


The miniatures were painted using the simple, fairly rapid technique shown in this post.


My patience for painting yellow space workers has worn a bit thin, so I dont think that I will be adding to these guys again soon.  Although I might.  You know how it is…


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  1. You slowly have a whole warband of construction workers 🙂 This also inspired my by the way, and last week I’ve bought a ton of construction vehicles to convert sometime in the future. I intend to use airforce crew minis with them, but I’ll see how that works out.

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    • Yeah its funny how the Construction Crew coalesced, almost unbidden, it certainly wasnt planned 🙂 When projects like this crop up I try to just ride it out for a few weeks and see where it takes me. The robot side of the project is spinning out into some other things now too, so there might be a few more mechs on the cards, not necessarily construction types.

      I also have a few construction vehicles lined up for future inclusion, but it wont be for a while I suspect. I am growing tired of painting dirty yellow 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback Kadmon.


      • You’re stronger than I am… I would have been sick of yellow about 10 minis ago 😉 Love this guy(s), he’s simultaneously a regular joe hardhat, and a total bad ass.

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        • Yeah the figure design is good, it has quite a bit of that John Henry thing going on: a blue collar hero.
          I am quite tired of painting yellow now, but I keep remembering other miniatures that will fit into this project perfectly. Expect a couple more at least.
          Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  2. Super sweet. That’s a hell of a crew you have there now.

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    • Thanks. The fourteen of them did sort of materialise unexpectedly, a bit like my Ursa Miners did a few years ago. The Aphid frame will see duty combating Xenomorphs at some point I hope.

      I have a couple more painted and ready for photographs soon, but that will be then end of it for a while. Probably…


  3. The OSL is looking better with each new model painted 🙂 it’s a great visual theme so I’m glad you’ve persisted with it 😀 now you need half a female android to go with that exo-suit…

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    • Im glad that the effect looks like its getting better from your perspective Captain, I am a bit too close to be sure right now. After a few abortive attempts at OSL many years ago I had written it off. I am enjoying and refining it a little now, trying to find the best time versus reward thing that suits my impatience levels.

      Like most toy soldier geeks of a certain age, I have a stalled Aliens project in the wings. That should cater for all damaged android requirements… eventually.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  4. Those addition really round out the Crew very nicely; excellent work!

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  5. If you are not careful, you’ll soon have a full construction army! Such a whacky lot, looking forward to their appearance in scenario battles.

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    • I have Escher, Scavvies, post-apoc savages, Ratskins, Slaaneshi renegades… any number of other slightly more practical/sensible projects that I could be working on, but I end up working on space builders.
      The heart wants what the heart wants I guess 🙂

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  6. Once again it I’m shocked by your natural talent to make so different minis look like they belonged together since the beginning. Beautiful work.

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    • Im glad that you like them Suber.

      As you know, I get a kick out of tying miniatures together with a strong scheme. A lot of miniature painters and gamers tend to get obsessed with uniformity and button counting etc. Not me. I enjoy painting multiple types of sculpt etc and the similarities are all that the brain sees once they are painted.

      Thanks for the kind feedback 🙂


  7. Your painting skills amaze me Paul what’s a quick paint job to you would take me for ever & even then it wouldn’t be half as good.

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    • “Quick” is relative I suppose Frank, I try to be as quick as I can be with all of my figures: I have far too many projects to be getting on with. The Construction Crew is a little rougher here and there than some of my other projects, but the more I repeat the colour scheme it the more refined that process becomes.

      Thanks for the kind words Frank.


  8. Looking good! These gel together really well – great work!

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    • Thanks antipixi. I have a feeling that JBs cyberpunk game at BOYL might end up featuring a few of these as NPC types, so you can check them out in person at that with a bit of luck 🙂

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  9. Your construction crew models started out great and are getting better and better! Loving these updates!

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    • Thanks davekay.
      Im not sure how many Construction Workers I have left in me, but they have been a fun, slightly leftfield project. I just have to get a few games in with them now 🙂

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  10. Really nice painting, as usual. I guess you have enough of these to form a full crew in their right, rather than use them as civilians/noncombatants. I hope that the next game report you play includes these twins (even though I suppose they’re meant to be different load outs of the same man).

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    • Yeah its the same character with different equipment. I will definitely be fielding both simultaneously though.
      I do get an urge to play a three way game where the space pirates attack the remote mining outpost, when the miners have to hold out until the cavalry get there. That feels cinematic and potentially fun.
      It wasn’t my intention to use the Construction Crew as anything more than objective markers originally, but the possibility of using them as a faction in their own right became appealing very quickly.
      One way or another they will show up in a game soon I expect. Thanks for the feedback Argent Badger 🙂


  11. Nice work. Finally got around to assembling my SW figs. Now if I can just color them half as good as yours, I’ll be all set.

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    • The material that those figs is made from is a hassle for sure, but it’s not impossible to get tableworthy gaming pieces from them by any means.

      Lots of them will fit in nicely with your games, I look forward to seeing them.


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