Judgement Day Project


Mr Saturday and I are lifelong fans of Judge Dredd.  We have been collecting and painting toy soldiers for approximately the same duration. So why is it that neither of us have very many painted Dredd related miniatures?

Because we lack discipline, thats why.

In order to rectify this situation we have decided to execute a simple plan called “Judgement Day“.  The intention is to create a buddy system framework which will assist us in getting twenty six Dredd related miniatures painted over a calendar year, while still not disrupting the various other whimsical toy soldier plans and sub-projects that crop up.

Is one miniature a fortnight ambitious?  I dont think so, but lets see if I end up eating humble synthi-pie over that assumption.


The rules for Judgement Day are as follows:

  • Each participant is required to put up a Judgement Day blog post featuring an appropriate, not previously exhibited model, every fortnight, on the allocated Monday.  The timetable is staggered: a single participant exhibits on each Judgement Day.  NB: the very first Judgement Day post on April 27th will be an exception: both participants will submit an entry on Judgement Day #1).
  • From Judgement Day #2 onwards, no participant may submit two consecutive Judgement Day posts.  Delays due to unforeseen real life things (death, emergency surgery, alien invasion etc) will be allowed for, but predictable disruptions (wedding anniversaries, elective surgery, Mothers Day, hangovers etc) will not.  The punishment for failing to post on an allotted Judgement Day is the knowledge that you have failed yourself and the other participant: you will spend a week in an iso-cube of the soul  Boo.


Will it work?  Will Judgement Day be the catalyst that enables two grognard-Squaxx to finally get some decent Judge Dredd gaming traction?

I dont know, but its worth a (Standard Execution) shot.  Judgement Day #1 is on April 27th.  Mr Saturdays first post on the topic is here.


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  1. Oh great, now my JD models and JD comics are giving me “that look”. I’m quite certain a fair bunch of us will be followng your mutual progress with much respect and support.
    I hope we can be Walters to you (though support will be mainly moral and will unlikely imply ironing panties or preparing breakfasts).

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  2. I am familiar with that look, I also got a similar glare from my Dredd miniatures for many years. I got a big kick out of painting about twenty or so MC1 Justice Department figures back in 2011 or so, but since then I havent got a whole lot more done. The cold, visored stare from the box marked “Dredd” returned about two years ago…

    The intention with this plan is to keep both Mr Saturday and I motivated enough to paint a few Dredd related figures here and there on an ongoing basis. Crucially, we dont want the work on the Dredd figs to necessarily take over all of our hobby time: we have lots of other projects that we want to work on in tandem.

    The thing is that the Dredd figures really do deserve some of our time, but they never seem to quite get to the top of the list. Hopefully this plan will sort that out.

    If we can keep it going for six months then we will reassess then. If one of us manages to let the commitment slide before then, well, at least the failure will be humiliatingly public πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the feedback Asslessman!


    • Thing is…
      Your project sort of motivates me to get mine painted… I only have 9 to go so they definitely could be done in a blast of excitment and free time (I should definitely get some of these in the future)…

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  3. Thats a plan and a half. Are you both going to be sticking with the mongoose figures or are you going to be mixing and matching manufacturers? I’ve got a load of citadel and copplestone figures looking for some attention as well so I’ll have to make sure I don’t open your blog in front of them or they’l get jealous!

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    • We each have Dredd figs from the Mongoose, Foundry and Citadel ranges lined up. We arent going to get too worked up about which minis play best with one another scale wise, we are primarily aiming to get some figs that we like painted. We will hammer some games in around whatever we get finished.

      Factions made from non-Dredd figs (like Foundry street gangs or Copplestone Cursed Earth savages etc) will likely show up here and there, but the main emphasis will be on Judge Dredd miniatures specifically. Its a hard line to draw though, with things like Necromunda gangs being very suitable as block gangs or Troggies etc. The aim will be to make sure that everything looks like it should be in a Dredd strip though, it would be a shame to dilute it too much.

      I hope that you enjoy what we come up with Whiskey Priest πŸ™‚


  4. We can’t fail, not now that the eyes of the law are upon us.

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  5. I want to see the Angel gang please.

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    • So do I 40kterminatus, they are definitely on my list πŸ™‚

      I painted a Foundry Mean Machine back in 2003 or so, but it was a little rushed and I would like to repaint it (poorly photographed image here). I have the Foundry and the Mongoose Angel Gang, its just a matter of deciding which version to paint.

      The Angels wont be showing up on my side of the project for a while yet anyway Im afraid. Im going to try to get a fair number of generic characters in alongside the named ones. I want to be able to populate my games with numerous generic (in a MC1 sense) perps too.

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  6. Great stuff mate, look forward to seeing alot of JD painted πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks Chico! A few of the figures coming up are pencilled in for the game that you may be running at BOYL. Hopefully it will work out πŸ™‚


  7. Nice; looking forward to this. I personally have quite a few Foundry Dredd figures, of which I’ve so far painted 1…. I love the figures but I want them to be useable as Arbites too, but I can’t decide on a compromise scheme. Perhaps your project will give me some inspiration…. πŸ™‚

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    • I have done a lot of soul searching about my Arbites models recently. Im not sure how I can justify hanging on to them when I also have MC1 Justice Department Judges.

      My current self-delusional rationale is that at some point I may find a rule set that requires a company sized force of space cops and then I will be glad that I have the Arbites in addition to the Judges.

      Yeah, I dont think that its terribly likely either… πŸ˜‰

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      • I was thinking of having a force of mixed models using arbites and judges all painted in a common scheme. That would also allow me to actually be able to afford to field the force as the Arbites models are so damned expensive I don’t have any yet…. (Another one of those things I should have picked up back in the day….). Arbites look great in the classic Dredd scheme of bright blues yellows and greens, but they rather stand out on the 40K battlefield then as being something from another universe (not necessarily a problem, but for some odd reason I like to have an internal coherence amongst all of my genestealers and psychic space cats…. for the same reason I wouldn’t, for example, field Darth Vader in a 40K game if that makes sense…).

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        • From Vader to bright MC1 colour schemes, all are extremely familiar concerns πŸ™‚
          I picked up my Arbites opportunistically over the last few years. I’m still missing a couple of sculpts, but I have one of most of them. They are tough to track down for sensible money now.

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  8. I’ll follow this closely, as I also have unpainted Jude Dredd figures from Mongoose. I bought them about a year ago now, I think three of the judges have the base colours on.

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    • I got a big kick out of painting some Dredd figures when I eventually got around to it. Hopefully you will get a similar kick out of yours sooner rather than later Subedai πŸ™‚

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  9. Good luck to you both & if either of you shall fail then who am I to judge lol

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    • A double fail is the big risk here, thats when the entire process could stall. We are hopeful that the way that the collaboration is set up will help to keep it afloat.

      Fingers crossed!


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