Honoured Imperium Marble Statue


After painting the Marble Aquila last week, I figured that I should really paint the statue that came with it before I forget how to do it.  The weather is a bit cheery and upbeat for the grimdarkness of the subject, but as we dont get clear skies here that often I decided to take an outdoor shot anyway.

I quite like this statue, although it has been mentioned that the marine looks a bit like he is concentrating on not peeing his pants.  I think that part of that is because about ninety nine percent of space marines are sculpted standing like they are squatting and preparing for a crap, but the statue does look a little more edgy than pious.  Its always toilet realated when it comes to space marines.


An evocative piece of terrain nonetheless.  I may use it as Holy Ground in the upcoming Sensei/Highlander scenarios I think, but it will add an Imperial feel to any number of my upcoming games.




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  1. Quite a nice looking marble and aged copper/verdigris effect on the statue. I admit, I hadn’t thought of combining two effects on my one.


    • Thanks Azazel. The marble worked slightly better on the Aquila than the statue I think, but its more than adequate on the big fella too.

      Most/all of the Honoured Imperium sets that I have seen have been painted to look like gold, with the occasional one aged bronze. I went for the marble as I thought that it would be more interesting than yet another metallic colour on my miniatures and terrain. I couldnt resist the temptation to give the GW Nihilakh Oxide a whirl, so I bronzed the weapons. The shield is an independent piece of the model too which meant that I didnt have to attach it until after painting, which made it very quick to paint. The sword was a bit more fiddly, but not tough to work on in situ either.

      Breaking the model into bronze and marble areas makes it seem somehow more authentic I think (although I am struggling to think of a real life statue with that combined effect right now). It definitely adds a sense of weight to the model. The bronze breaks up the lines a bit and makes the piece more interesting to look at, if arguably less monolithic.

      My plans for a futuristic cityscape are non-gothic, but plonking these pieces in the middle of that (when its done) will grimdark the place up rather nicely I think.


  2. Cracking job, the bronze and marble together work nize. I do really like this terrain piece as well, wasn’t it withdrawn from sale recently?


    • It was rumoured that the Honoured Imperium was going OOP alright, but I dont know if it has done so or not. I did use that rumour to spur me into buying the set though, with the “Holy Ground” aspect of the Highlander/Sensei games giving me the impetus to get them painted.

      Its a great set. I am a theme driven hobbyist and it would gall me greatly if this set went OOP before I got a copy.

      I am pleased with the bronze and marble combination. Its a lot more interesting than the rather dull image on the cover of the box. I considered going for a marble plinth with a bronze statue, but the combination of textures on the sculpture looks better I think.

      Thanks for the feedback Mr S 🙂


  3. Briliant pieces of scenery which can be placed on any type of table to just add a touch of grim darkness.
    The original treatment is also refreshing and I agree one more golden aquila and statue were not necessary.
    Thunderbolts for whoever fights on the holy ground (that’s for you Mr Von Peebles)


    • I have some ideas for how the Holy Ground will work in game Asslessman, Ill get you some details once I have hammered it into a document. There will be poorly animated thunderbolts and visible wires for sure: it wouldnt be Highlander without them 🙂

      There is nothing wrong with golden aquilae and being different just for the sake of it doesnt really appeal generally, but I am pleased to say that I think this approach has a bit more originality and is therefore a bit more memorable.

      Thank you for the feedback JB.


      • Being different just for the sake of it is nearly just as pointless as doing as everyone else, I agree, it is nice though to see original ideas because they tend to pay. If I had this kit, it would most probably end up with a good old grey drybrush.

        Now we need glass, a lot of it, there should be about 6 quickenings during the game and we do not want the last one to be the least spectacular just because we’ve run out of glass to break and cars to explode.


        • Hah, you are right! You should set your phone ring tone as a car alarm too now that I think of it and maybe set off a few sprinklers 😉

          Some cut up blister pack plastic to sprinkle in the region of a decapitated Sensei might give that smashing glass effect for minimal effort and cost, if you feel inclined.

          I cant do it though. At this stage I think that increasing my luggage by 0.5mm plastic shards might cause my suitcase to explode (cue lightning, sprinklers, car alarms etc).


  4. As always your work looks lovely. The verdigris is excellent and I love the way it complements the green marble. A more than worthy addition to any table top.


    • Thanks very much Argentbadger. The marble effect is easier and less laborious than it appears so its worth trying out some time.

      The verdigris is even easier using GW Nihilakh Oxide.


  5. Very awesoe paintjob. The marble looks spot on as does the verdigris. I am a big fan of such effects and in this case it really adds to the statue and I am glad you did not go too much into the grimdark direction, but rather gave it a more bright and hopeful appeal.


    • Thank you dagger and brush.

      Verdigris is one of those effects that seems to lend authenticity to the painted subject with minimum effort. I find that verdigris is something both gamers and non gamers seem to relate to when they see it painted on a miniature. Im not quite sure why that is, but it does make me inclined to use it a little more.


  6. The combination of bronze and stone was a great idea, it gives a bit of visual variety. I’ve never seen marble and bronze used this way, but I think it’s done on stone statues with skinny bits. I’m not sure what the Imperium’s excuse would be, but they’re usually just ostentatious for its own sake.


    • Exactamundo.

      There is precedent of sorts (I have an image in my head of a stone charioteer holding a javelin, possibly from somewhere in Rome) and even without factoring in the symbolism of the sword and shield being a different material, the Imperium tends to do things its own way anyway. Plenty of latitude.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


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