Friskers the Gyrinx



A pink, bat-winged cat from Beastface Miniatures.

Every so often I get a miniature in the post, clean it up, assemble it, paint it, base it, varnish it photograph it and blog it in a day, or a workday even.  Today was one of those days.  That the model a tiny, cleanly cast and sculpted little cat also contributes to the rapid turnaround..


The miniature comes from Beastface Miniatures/Magpie and Old Lead/ “axiom” of the Oldhammer Forum. “Friskers” is a very nice John Pickford sculpt inspired by a character in one of the Michael Moorcock stories.  I dont recall a flying cat in the Elric books that I read, but that was over twenty years ago now so I may just have forgotten.


I enjoy painting luridly coloured little cat models, so this model fits right in with the rest of my stuff.  Frisker is significantly smaller than most of my 28mm cats.  Friskers is far more realistically scaled than the others really, if that sort of thing bothers you.






17 Responses

  1. Oaawww he’s so tiny and cute and pink-ish!


  2. Wonderful they all look great together, I love the new addition, he could easily have been picked up by a Rogue Trader from the fringes of known space and gifted to his Navigator 🙂


    • Definitely. There are plenty of ways to justify using fun little models like this one. Navigators and Astropaths strike me as more likely to be into cats than most Imperials, but pretty much all of my miniatures like cats. They dont have a choice 😉

      Thanks for the feedback Jason.


  3. Very pretty feline collection. A 1 day job is always a good one in my book so congrats on that !

    I need to pick my gyrinxes at BOYL this summer, I already have great plans for them !


    • The one-day-turnaround thing doesnt work out very often, but its fun when it does 🙂

      The Friskers miniature in one of the nicest cat miniatures that I have actually. I reckon that you will have fun painting one Mr A.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  4. I’m expecting to finish mine up rather promptly after receiving it. =) I have a few other small critters that I’ve prepped for the occassion, so I can make a bunch of those 1 pointers one tend to need for almost every league in Pulp Alley.

    I’ve toyed with the idea to make a pool of small, less-than-imposing miniatures from which to pull random followers for each game. Could be a fun aspect, having to make up the reason why captain Morley is accompanied by a small radioactive platypus of DOOM this particular scenario. It’d be a nice catch-all group for stuff like space cats, death ferrets, small robots and astro badgers.


  5. Love it! You can go on record as having finished off the first ever painted Friskers (to my knowledge) 🙂


    • Your knowledge is good enough for me axiom! You heard it here first folks, thats the Alpha Friskers, the Friskers Prime!

      Thanks for the feedback. It was a nice model to paint, nice and crisp 🙂


  6. I must confess that I find the pic with the Eldar and the thousand cats a little bit disturbing 😛
    They all look beautiful, I need some kittens of those for myself!!


    • Heh, I understand why you might find a large number of cats disturbing. I dont trust a large number of anything, humans in particular.

      Most of the cats shown above are now OOP unfortunately, but Friskers is available from Axiom (above).

      The miniatures cats thing isnt something that I particularly set out to do, but I enjoy it. It is an odd convergence of my real life and my hobby life though.

      Thanks for the feedback Suber.


  7. […] my real life prepping miniature space cats for my imaginary life, as can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here and here.  A photo of the first one that I worked on, the imaginatively named […]


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