DreadBall Season 1 Summary

DreadBall Season 1

DreadBall Season 1

 2013 is turning into DreadBall year at Sho3box Towers.  Since January I have got the following models painted, all of which are DreadBall figures: Continue reading

John Doe – DreadBall MVP

John Doe - Nameless DreadBall MVP

John Doe – Nameless DreadBall MVP


John Doe (not his real name: his native tongue is unpronounceable by homo sapiens) is the final MVP from DreadBall Season 1 that I have finished.  It is also the final DreadBall Season 1 figure completed, making it a milestone.

I have added a lot of pink to the colour schemes on my DB miniatures. When I painted Coach Renton with a black/pink/green scheme reminiscent of a Mega City 1 character a couple of weeks ago I liked the look of it, so I used a similar palette on John.  The model has a Mos Eisley, tentacle-face vibe, but the vibrant uniform moves it a bit away from the dusty brown Tatooine fashions..

There is a full team of these guys – the “Nameless” – due out later on this year.  I will likely paint the full team in the same scheme.

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