Cialis Cowgirls – DreadBall Cheerleaders #1

Bambi, Tiffany & Candi.

Bambi, Tiffani & Candi.

Most Blood Bowl figures are a bit too fantasy looking to be suitable for use in DreadBall.  DreadBall miniatures are also a bit smaller than the GW heroic 28mm that Blood Bowl figures conform to, which also limits compatibility.

Those restrictions dont apply as much to the second edition Blood Bowl miniatures range.  Those figures were sculpted twenty five years ago, when miniatures were just a little bit more miniature and the aesthetic for Blood Bowl figures was quite different.

In the brief lull between getting DreadBall Season 1 finished and starting work on DreadBall Season 2 I decided to work on some old and neglected Blood Bowl figures that to my mind fit in mechanically and conceptually with DreadBall.  DreadBall is the catalyst to finally get those models finished and on the table, which is fun and satisfying itself considering that I have owned some of them for them for quarter of a century…

First of the repurposed BB figures finished are these cheerleaders.  They are not terribly sexy looking to me, but then I am not an ork or goblin.  Presumably the Cowgirls shown would represent a Beyoncé level of physical attractiveness to me if I was.  Its all about current cultural norms anyway: your grandchildren might well be very attracted to human women who look like this.



Bambi and Candi have passably modern cheerleader attire.  Not very sci-fi, but I suppose the fact that they are little green women will carry that aspect.  The orc/ork/orx (Tiffani) is a bit more fantasy looking, with a chainmail skirt and a couple of other fantasy trappings hanging from her belt.  I decided not too worry about it: the figure is too unique a painting opportunity to leave out just over that.


2 Responses

  1. Nice. Those old Citadel minis have a lot of character, and your painting really does them justice. It must feel good knowing that, after 25 years sitting in a box, you finally got your money’s worth from buying them. Are there two different sculpts of the Goblin, or did you do a little conversion work?


    • There is a unique satisfaction in finally getting figures that have been in the queue for so long painted and ready for a game. I have a few more figures of a similar vintage in the pipeline and getting them finished gives me a kick that I dont get from painting other, newer miniatures. Finally getting around to painting some of the figures that drew me fully into the hobby in the first place has a very specific appeal. Its the little things 🙂

      Neither of the goblins have been converted in any way. They do share the same leg and torso design, so they were sculpted from the same “chassis”, if you know what I mean.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


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