Renton – Dreadball Coach


Renton here is a DreadBall coach.  The figure may be a Kickstarter exclusive, but I am not sure.  Its a modified version of the Corporation Major-General model released last year, with weapons removed and a few things altered/added (a mobile device, a pointing hand and a new head).


The sort of place where Coach Renton hangs out.

Apart from the breastplate, Rentons attire is reasonably contemporary: it doesnt scream “sci-fi”.  DreadBall and the vaguely Bladerunner-y, raygun gothic world that it is set in is a brightly coloured sort of place, definitely not grimdark.  I like to imagine it as a Mega-City 1 sort of environment, so I painted the coach in a suitably lurid colour combination.  I like how it turned out.  Expect to see some MC1 punks and juves here in very similar gang colours on a future date.  I may copy the colour scheme for another DreadBall team as time progresses too.

L to R:

L to R: “Lucky” Logan, ref-bot, Coach Renton, Wildcard

Coach looks a bit taller than the others there as I ran out of proper DreadBall bases, which have a recess designed to take the integral base on the models.

Sci-fi civilian miniatures are few, so I am disproportionately pleased to have finished this little guy, even though its not a particularly special sculpt or anything like that.  Renton will serve extra duties as a sci-fi civilian in scenario based miniature games in addition to doing whatever it is that DreadBall coaches do.

The type of company that Coach Renton keeps.

At the time of writing exactly what coaches do in games of Dreadball is unknown to me.  I have heard that it is a simple mechanic based on which side of the game board the coach is placed, which has some sort of in game effect (like a modifier to fouling or to fan checks or whatever).  That would be better than the coach doing something more extreme, like entering the pitch and getting stuck in.  I very much hope that it is the former.


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