Rekall Rentokillaz – DreadBall Veer-myn Team


The final team from my first batch of DreadBall figures, a pack of sporty, space rat-men sponsored by Rekall Incorporated.


I had mixed feelings as I assembled these figures but – as seems to often be the case – I found that I grew to like them a little more as I painted them.  A slightly disconcerting phenomenon that.  What do I really think about them?  I dont even really know…

I was glad to see that the veer-myn models were not sculpted wearing patchwork armour or something else ramshackle and daft: their kit should obviously be just as corporate and uniform as any other in a league that they participate in.  Im fine with the battlefield veer-myn looking a bit more cobbled together for whatever reason, but the DreadBall players should look like moneyed, big league sportscreatures.


I roughly copied the colour scheme for the ‘killaz from the Warpath veermyn miniatures that I painted last year.  That bright yellow/green is fun to paint.

Warpath/Project Pandora Veer-myn Night Stalkers

The DreadBall veer-myn poses are a bit dressage-y with lots of prancing about.  Like Wildcard, rather than looking dynamic they actually look a bit like they are uncoordinated and flailing around the place.


While thats a bit goofy on one miniature, when more or less the entire team is going Jesus Christ Superstar it looks a bit bananas.  Bending some of the limbs with the assistance of a hairdryer helped a bit though.  The sculpt below now looks a little less like its a ratman taking a piss against a hydrant and the team now looks a little less “jazz hands” overall than they did when I initially assembled them.



 An aside here: I remember sticking together a number of multi-part skeletons to use in Blood Bowl back in 1990.  I tried to distinguish the positions from each other by positioning arms dynamically but when I put them all together on the pitch it looked like some sort of freaky disco in hell.  The DreadBall veermyn poses remind me of that, like an acid flashback at a rave in a sewer.



The guards are nicer models than the strikers.  They are tall and lithe looking, while still having a bulky, top loaded menace.  They look just like they play in the game too: dangerous, physical and too nimble to be easily dropped by a blow from behind.  These guys are definitely the best looking figures on the team.



Getting the ‘killaz finished is the fourth and final big chunk of Dreadball figures from the first Kickstarter shipment.  I have a one MVP left to paint (John Doe) and the first shipment is finished.


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