Dean Cain Presidential Shield – Dreadball Trophy

The Dean Cain Memorial Shield

The Dean Cain Presidential Shield

A trophy model was supplied as an exclusive miniature in the first DreadBall Kickstarter shipment.  While sort of fun, miniature trophies are something that I have avoided adding to Monté Figuero before now: I figured that I would never get around to painting them.  As painting every scrap of DreadBall stuff that I am supplied with has become something of a personal goal, I gave the trophy a very, very quick paint job the other day.

I didnt really have any decent inspiration as to how to paint the shield, so it sat looking silvery on the painting table for a month or so as I was painting other, more practical DreadBall figures.  In the end I decided to try a green marble technique on the base (a bit crude, but passable) and add ridiculous, bloodstains to the trophy itself.  In my head I reckon that there is some sort of stasis generator in the base of the trophy that keeps the blood from a historically notable, post-match fracas as fresh as the day it was bludgeoned out of some guys head.

Or something.

Addenda:  I forgot to mention why I named the trophy as shown.  It has caused some people some confusion, although it isnt really a terribly highbrow thing 🙂  In 1998 Dean Cain starred as a sportsperson in an absolutely awful movie called “Future Sport”, which has some cosmetic similarities to DreadBall, so its a reference to that.  Additionally, the idea that at some point in the dystopian future that Dean Cain may have become the president of some global power also makes me laugh.  Hence the “Dean Cain Presidential Shield“.



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