DreadBall Season 1 Summary

DreadBall Season 1

DreadBall Season 1

 2013 is turning into DreadBall year at Sho3box Towers.  Since January I have got the following models painted, all of which are DreadBall figures:

OCP Patriots Dreadball Corporation Team

O.C.P. Patriots DreadBall Corporation Team

B.P. Oilers Dreadball Marauder Team

B.P. Oilers DreadBall Marauder Team

Ursa Miner Bruins Dreadball Forgefather Team

Ursa Miner Bruins DreadBall Forgefather Team

Rekall Rentokillaz Veer-myn DredMill

Rekall Rentokillaz DreadBall Veer-myn Team

Season 1 MVPs, Coach, Ref-Bot, Balls and Trophy

Season 1 MVPs, Coach, Ref-Bot, Balls and Trophy

All of the miniatures that can handle the ball have had magnets attached to the base that correspond with the magnets inserted into the base of the balls, as seen below.


Making substantial progress like this is great.  With two more equally sized DreadBall shipments due over the year (thats a lot of toy soldiers), getting off to a great start like this is very satisfying.  Fifty-one DreadBall miniatures (plus two balls) painted and counting.


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  1. That’s an impressive amount of figures painted at a high quality in just a few months! That’s about what I have painted for Necromunda, and that took me a couple of years! Nice job, mate!


    • Thanks Mike.

      Its interesting that you should mention Necromunda. I have a lot of Necromunda figures, but of all of the unfinished miniature projects that I own, thats the one that probably weighs most heavily on me. In some respects the “guilt” over my lack of commitment to that project that is spurring me on with DreadBall.

      I plan to get back to the Necromunda stuff as part of my ongoing Judge Dredd project (they are ideal figures for that setting) but for now its all DreadBall at Casa Sho3box.

      Thanks for the feedback.


      • Heh, Lord knows I have no shortage of unpainted minis as well! If you just reclassify yourself as a “collector” rather than as a “painter,” then voila, no guilt (well, less guilt, anyway).

        Looks like you’re inspired and on a roll with Dreadball (so to speak). I’ve found that I have the most success just painting whatever happens to inspire me at the moment, rather than trying to force myself to paint — but when I’m almost done with a project, I do try to wrap it up even if the motivation has faded. I should probably put up a blog at some point.

        Keep up the great work!


        • Im currently waiting on my next shipment of DreadBall stuff to arrive and the temptation was to paint up a couple of bug-hunt things for “Swatters”, which has just been released. I resisted this urge and started painting some other auxiliary figures for DreadBall instead. Painting what inspires me at the time is important, but its also possible to assist that focus by steering clear of temptation, if you know what I mean.

          Which is another way of saying that there should be loads more DreadBall related stuff to come if I can stay on target.


  2. Looking great, I’ve only managed 1 team so far and with the season 2 stuff due soon there’s so much to get done.

    I’d like to use the magnetic ball/bases approach. Can I ask what size magnets did you use? Do you have any problems with the player bases trying to attract each other if they get too close?


    • Hi Wispa.

      A few people have asked me about the magnetic ball handling stuff. I will take measurements of the magnets and do a step by step post once the Season 2 stuff arrives and I have to magnetise those bases.

      Due to the size of the magnets that I have used, the thickness of the hex base edges limiting the magnets attraction and – most importantly – the fact that the magnets are all orientated in the same direction the players never get drawn together.

      I will put the details together into a post and put it up over the next few weeks.


      • That would be great – thanks.

        After I posted I realised I can actually have a good guess at the size from your photo 🙂


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