Judgement Day #19: Renegade Servo-Droid


A servo droid who just cant take it any more.

The model is a renegade robot from Mongoose/Warlords Dredd range.  Rather than paint it in an industrial yellow scheme like the other more obviously labour robots in the range, I went for a black and light grey scheme.  This model should match up as a outlaw version of the other (almost fully painted) servo-droids at a later date.

The gun was painted in a green to match the military weapons held by the other domestic or industrial robots in the force.  I imagine that they stole a hover truck full of military equipment at some point in their career prior to this.


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  1. Very cool, nice addition to the crew mate… bit worried about C33 and J4Y though, they’re in danger of impersonating Stormcast Eternals!

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  2. He looks bada$$ !! Nice work on him

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  3. Sweet Paul & a lovely bit of highlight work mate.

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    • The model has quite clean lines, appropriate for a pulpy automaton. I dont often do it, but I felt that doing some highlighting other than the usual edge stuff was appropriate.

      It worked well, just dont look to closely at where the imaginary light source is supposed to be coming from ;D

      Thanks for the feedback Frank!


  4. Looks cool, I really like the contrast between his body pose saying “you don’t wanna mess with me kid.” and his head which looks like a toy.

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    • Yeah, the design of that robot is a little closer to how I imagine most MC1 robots than some of the others in the range. It has a little of that man-in-a-suit vibe, a bit of a 1950s, Futurama feel.

      Im not so keen on the wooden stock on the gun – I dont really imagine that there are many wooden products in MC1, but I have consoled my self by imagining that it is a wooden effect in plastic, like a toy gun.

      Thanks for the feedback Asslessman!


      • Ha, I can totally see “wood grained stock” being a selling point in the grim future when regular citizens have never seen a tree or actual wood. Hollow marketing at its most dystopian. Somehow makes me think of a quote from Gibsons “Idoru”:

        The letters in “Whiskey Clone” were the kind they’d use in a mall when they wanted you to think a place was traditional.

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      • And I should mention that I wish I painted black and white this well. It looks great.

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        • The stock reminds me of a particular orange plastic toy gun that I have vague thirty something years ago memory of. Cheap orange plastic woodgrain.

          I only read half of Idoru, although I went to a William Gibson reading of some of it in Dublin when it was published. Im due to revisit Neuromancer soon after almost thirty years. I am slightly wary.

          Good call on the quote though, prophetically bleak, as one might expect from the granddaddy of cyberpunk.

          Thanks for the feedback No Such Agency!


  5. Great highlighting on this guy. I always find black a little intimidating, but you’ve nailed it here. The scheme is great, I do like the light grey.

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    • I tend to paint a lot of black on miniatures and my current simple method was brought to my attention by a much better painter than me. Its a GW Dark Reaper edge highlight followed by a GW Fenrisian Grey spot highlight. It gives a nice, interesting black.

      The colour scheme is primarily derived from the ‘bots in “I-Robot”, plus a little of the robots from the “Total Recall” remake.


  6. Nice work ๐Ÿ™‚ I wasn’t sure about the wood grain at first, but the comments above (and your responses) have convinced me it works! I love the green colour though; it works very well with black and white colour scheme (I agree the highlights are very nicely done ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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    • I don’t think that miniatures or terrain in settings such as Mega City One or Necromunda should feature wooden elements: it doesn’t make sense.
      Wooden elements fit into Bladerunner style, near future cyberpunk settings, but the ubiquity of wood as a material would not feature in the obliterated ecological environments in a 40k hive world or Judge Dredds ruined version of Earth I reckon.

      Thanks for the feedback Warburton, I’m glad that you like the robot.

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  7. Awesome as usual. Really like the red bricks on the bases and the scenic photo looks ace. These retro robots really remind me of the Star Trek original series and the original Battle Star Galactica.

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    • I have heard some gripes about the Mongoose Renegade Robot range, but I honestly quite enjoy the pulpy, somewhat cheesy retro look. Crucially, they are a pretty decent approximation of the generally humanoid robots seen in Judge Dredd comics too.

      I’m glad that you like them daggerandbrush, thanks for the feedback.


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