Judgement Day #13: Judge Fear


Gaze into the face of Judgement Day #13, Judge Fear.
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Judgement Day #11: Justice Dept. Stub Gunner

StubGun1JudgementDay11 A judge equipped with an iconic weapon from the Justice Departments Apocalypse War arsenal today. StubGun4DreddMegaCollection3Cover Continue reading

Judgement Day #9: Bat-glider

Batter1 Todays Judgement Day entry is a citizen turned perp via the accoutrements of his hobby, all the while rocking quite the moustache. Batter2 Continue reading

Judgement Day #7: B0L7


My submission for Judgement Day #7 is B0L7, a Renegade Robot.

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Judgement Day #5: Rico Dredd


Judgement Day #5 is Judge Joseph Dredds clone brother, ex-Judge Rico Dredd.

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Judgement Day #3: KNU7


KNU7 is my second submission for the ongoing collaborative Judgement Day Project. Continue reading

Judgement Day #1: Walter the Wobot


My inaugural Judgement Day submission is Walter the Wobot. Continue reading

Judgement Day Project


Mr Saturday and I are lifelong fans of Judge Dredd.  We have been collecting and painting toy soldiers for approximately the same duration. So why is it that neither of us have very many painted Dredd related miniatures?

Because we lack discipline, thats why.

In order to rectify this situation we have decided to execute a simple plan called “Judgement Day“.   Continue reading

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