Judgement Day #17: Judge Mortis Spirit Form


Another roughly head sized submission for Judgement Day today, the spirit form of Judge Mortis.

Real life has been very busy recently, so in preparation I painted these small yet evocative little bits of the Dredd-verse to gove me some breathing space while I worked on other projects.  That said, these Dark Judge spirit forms are very appealing little figures to me, representing a trademark part of the Dark Judges shtick.

The spirit of Mortis enters a properly prepared carcass.

The spirit of Mortis enters a properly prepared carcass.

Like the Judge Fear spirit form from last time, I enjoyed trying to get my head around painting the ectoplasmic look.  I cant shake the idea that this one looks a little like some sort of goth My Little Pony.

"Sserioussly guyss, months of planning and thiss again? Already? Chrisst."

“For the love Chrisst guyss, sserioussly… months of planning and thiss again already? For drokk ssaake”

Mr Saturday will be up again next Monday.  He has something a little more substantial planned I think.


8 Responses

  1. What’s that saying Paul, small but good so that’s the way to look at these spirits, what effect do they have in the game btw ?

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    • Thanks Frank!
      I can’t remember what the spirits do in the official Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, but I imagine that when the Dark Judges body is destroyed the spirit floats around requiring capture.
      I can think of numerous ways to incorporate the spirits into games though, as objectives in themselves and the like. I hope to get them into a game reasonably soon in fact.


  2. Lovely wee fella, the misty ectoplasm looks the part. I have a deep need to get some of these myself.

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    • Thanks, a Dark Judge set really isnt complete without them I reckon. The spirit forms are as definitive of the characters as the uniforms really.


  3. Nice work mate – what an unusual mini! You’ve certainly made it look the part, and yeah… there’s deffo something a bit horse-like going on there 🙂 Bonkers!

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    • Yeah its weird.

      Thats what happens when the ghost of an extradimensional sheep skulled undead alien superfiend is realised in 28mm miniature I suppose. Some weirdness is inevitable, desirable even 😀

      Thanks for the feedback Alex!

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  4. Very cool. I must say, now as you made the association with My Little Pony I can’t unsee it ;).

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