Judgement Day #21: Judge Death Spirit Form


“Closer Louisss, jusst a little closer…”

Non-corporeal Deadworld head honcho floats in, stage right.



Of the four Dark Judge spirit forms, Deaths is probably the least exciting sculpt.  Its ok and it gets the point across, but it looks a bit like a jellyfish (appropriate) or a weird ghostly penis (less appropriate).

Teeth like a shirt collar.

Teeth like a shirt collar.

The casting that I got was a bit soft on detail on the teeth area, meaning that Death actually more or less had a mouthguard instead of his signature chompers.


The teeth that I painted on to the smooth surface ended up being a little crooked, but I didnt have the patience to do anything further with them.  Its not like Death is an orthodontic paragon anyway.

Dark Judge Spirit Forms, L to R: Judge Mortis, judge Death, Judge Fear

Dark Judge Spirit Forms, L to R: Judge Mortis, judge Death, Judge Fear

Despite all my whining, I do get a kick out of having a model of the spirit form of Judge Death.  Death-as-ectoplasm is a strong image from my comic reading as a child, and I get a lot of pleasure from getting one ready for gaming with.  I do need to get off my arse and get a Judge Anderson miniature painted soon though.


I am pleased with the ectoplasmic effect too.  Its very much the approach that GW has used to paint spirits since the LotR Army of the Dead, but I  reckon that if it aint broke, dont fix it.

Thats three quarters of the Dark Judge Spirit forms done.  Something a little more substantial coming up soon.

Mr Saturday is up again next Monday for #22.

12 Responses

  1. “Ghost penis”? BIG FAT NOPE.

    Your ectoplasm is perfectly hued, by the way.

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  2. I think the teeth been crooked had to the charm of the model Paul.

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    • Nice of you to say Frank, thank you. The little imperfections sometimes make the smile, like Vanessa Paradis. And Judge Death ;D


  3. Cool offerings. The etheral effect does work well on those miniatures and seeing the ghost forms all together it appears to me, that they are a droll bunch. I really liek the first scneic picture. Your graveyard setup looks splendid. Did you in the end go for Hirst Arts castings for some of the tomb stones?

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    • The Dark Judges are particularly droll daggerandbrush, that is a big part of their appeal. They take themselves very seriously indeed, which works as a nice counterpoint to their bizarre uniforms.

      Judge Death has a certain wry sense of humour – he seems to get the cosmic joke a little more that his brothers, and a little more than Dredd too in fact – which makes him a enjoyable anti-hero of sorts.

      The gravestones are all plastic. One or two were removed from collectable prepainted miniatures and another handful were part of the Citadel/GW Garden of Morr sets. The rest of the gravestones all from Renedra. There are details about the terrain set in my St Craniums Cemetery posts if you want more details (although note that I have gone back to that set and added a little more basing material and the like to those pieces since).

      Thanks for the feedback daggerandbrush!


  4. It’s ghost Death, what’s not to like? Nice colour transition to the ectoplasm. I think Ecto-Fear is probably my favourite thus far.

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    • Ecto Fear is my second favourite of the lot, with Fore being the best I think. The Fire spirit form been about 60% finished on my desk for a couple of months now. I must get to it.

      Remind me to talk about the approach that I took with that when you visit Dave, its a technique that I picked up from a video tutorial. I rushed it a little with Death, but its an interesting way of doing it.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  5. Fnar fnar…. Ghostly penis… My favorite phrase so far today! Seriously though, the ectoplasmic effect rocks, and it’s good to see the set approaching completion – that is a cool and righteous thing dude…. just one question… are you planning to add a haunted vagina to the collection? 😉

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    • I forgot entirely to respond to this, sorry.

      No plans for a haunted vagina just yet, but never say never! Zombie vaginas dont count.

      Thanks for the feedback Alex 🙂

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