Judgement Day #15: Spirit Form Judge Fear


Judgement Day #15 represents the inevitable result of Judgement Day #13 colliding with the MC1 Justice Department.


As we all know “You cannot kill what doesss not live”.  You sure as drokk can blow a Dark Judge into smaller, more manageable chunks though.

Destroying the host body forces the spirit form of the Dark Judge to abandon the possessed mortal body and float around in a gaseous state until a new corpse can be ripened and fully occupied.  In this spirit form the Dark Judge can temporarily mentally dominate some hosts, but it cant rise as a full on Dark Judge without the appropriate rites and techno-arcane processes being followed.


L to R: Judge Fear Spirit Form (Mongoose/Warlord), Judge Fear (Foundry).

Something a little larger than a floating head in a fortnights time I hope, Mr Saturday should have a submission ready for next Monday before that however.


10 Responses

  1. Very nice! 🙂

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  2. Lovely paint job Paul, your getting through some amount of painting.

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    • Thanks Frank. I got a few extra bits and pieces done in advance of the Bring Out Your Lead event that I attended last weekend, but I feel like I have absolutely loads to be working on. I feel a little bit behind schedule to be honest, you know how it is.


  3. Nice work on the ethereal mist/ectoplasm. Those spirit forms are a great set of models.

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    • Thanks Mr S. The spirit forms are as definitive as any other version of the Dark Judges really. A Dark Judge project isnt complete without them.


  4. You not tempted to make the spirit form match the corporeal form by getting a second unreleased Foundry Fear and chopping off his head?

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    • I fully understand the urge to have the two versions match perfectly Curis – its like the need to have the dismounted version of a character match the mounted version – but in this instance I am perfectly happy to use the off the peg model, even if the match isnt exact. FWIW, the spirit form of Fire is ahead bigger than any 28mm human head, much larger than Fears.

      The other thing is that the corporeal and non-corporeal versions of the model will likely never be on the table together anyway, so any stylistic differences wont really mean that much. In concept the spirits are not necessarily head sized, more like a a mirage in an ectoplasmic miasma, they are a representation of the Dark Judge rather than necessarily something the size of the Dark Judges head.

      Thanks for the feedback though 🙂


      • Ralph Waldo Emerson — ‘A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.’

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        • Its a balancing act curiso. I understand the urge to have all of a squad wear matching uniforms for example, but I crippled my productivity agonising about that sort of thing when I was younger (trying to get matching metal Space Marine squads equipped as per army list was tough back in RT days), so I dont get too worked up about it any more.

          I would rather than spirit form Fears head matched the intact Fears head exactly, but Im happy to let it slide these days. Im not certain whether that makes me and/or Fear conform to Emersons theories on nonconformity, but it works for me 🙂


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