Ursa Miners: Huscarl, Hound & Objectives

Huscarl Max and Freeway the cyber-mastiff

My Space Dwarf mini-season continues with a leader and his trusty mecha-mutt.

The leader is the off-the-peg Mantic Forgefather leader figure: he is pretty boss I am sure you will agree.

The pooch is from the Mantic Dwarf (the non-spacefaring variety) command sprue.  The dog is armoured and has a handle on his back (they cant keep up with marching dwarfs on foot apparently and therefore have to be carried.  Apparently the dwarfs also use the handles to lob the dog at their foes).

Undeterred by this already absurd miniature I decided to push the envelope by adding goggles from the Forgefathers sprue too.  I regret nothing.

One of the aspects of painting toy soldiers for gaming with that I enjoy most is preparing little oddball figures for use to further the in-game story.  Painting and modeling Maguffin figures gives me a disproportionate amount of satisfaction for some reason.

So while I worked on my Ursa Miner project I made sure to add in a few goofy bits and pieces as I went (such as the dog).

The guy in the middle of the photo above is a Mantic plastic piece that is supplied with their plastic fantasy dwarf range.  Like the mastiff above, COM had a drunken dwarf that he was willing to part with.

The drunken dwarf was unmodified.  As Mantics Warpath miniatures are often retooled versions of their fantasy figures it came as no surprise that the dwarf fits right in as a Forgefather.

These two tied up trollslayers were supplied in the Warhammer “Skull Pass” starter box from a few years ago.  I wouldnt have had any in my possession only that I bought a few of the tents from that set off Ebay a few years ago and two of these trollslayers were included.

I figured that I would never use these figures at all, but I remembered them while painting the Steel Warriors, so I decided to include them in this project.  Their hair is goofy and their hopping-while-80%-tied-up look is absurd but I think that they will be fun miniatures to use in rescue themed games.


3 Responses

  1. Your miners are really cool mate, and that dog is awesome! The dwarf captives are absolute crap (sculpts!) though… I thought they were mummified whatnots. Oh well, nice Maguffin additions indeed. =)


    • The dwarf captives are indeed crap sculpts, floating in a sea of mediocre ones (excluding the Huscarl and the doggie).

      The Mantic plastic were fun to paint though: retro, a bit like painting Dungeonbowl plastic dwarfs or something.

      Im not finished with this project yet though. There are a few different space dwarf things in the pipeline so stay tuned.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. […] made an exception with this Huscarl, Steel Warrior and Stormrage Veteran though.  Something about the plain old metal paint job on the […]


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