The Ursa Miners: Space Dwarfs

I recently started painting some space dwarf miniatures from various sources.  I didnt really plan it: it just sort of happened.

After I came back from Salute I immediately painted up eleven veer-myn over a week or so.  Generally I tend to avoid batch painting like that as it often causes me to burn out.  Surprisingly however I found that getting a decent number of miniatures painted in a relatively short period (by my standards at least) was more enjoyable than I expected.  Therefore as soon as the veer-myn were finished I hunted around through my many assembled but unpainted miniatures for a suitable project to get stuck into.

Being both small and not very heavily detailed miniatures the Mantic Forgefathers that I got in my Warpath starter box last year seemed to fit the bill.  I picked a very simple colour scheme that wasnt too labour intensive and managed to start firing out little bearded guys from space.

The Brotherhood of the Bear (the “Ursa Miners” to their friends) will start showing up here from time to time, starting on Wednesday 

Edit: starting on Tuesday actually 🙂


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