Ursa Miners: Squat Engineer

This cheerful looking guy is the only Squat miniature that Games Workshop has made since they quietly retconned the race out of existence in the mid-nineties.  The figure was exclusively available to White Dwarf subscribers in 2010 and represents an incarnation of the magazines mascot, the White Dwarf himself.

Various internet sources hysterically claim that the figure is not a Squat but the White Dwarf in a Halloween costume, as evinced by the grey alien costume wearing gretchin (the Black Goblin?) that features as part of the model.  “Its not a Squat, its a joke miniature!” they cried, oblivious to the fact that every single miniature in the WH40K range is inherently a joke miniature by concept and definition.  A dwarf in a spacesuit manufactured by Games Workshop is a squat as far as I am concerned and thats that 😉

Seeing as dwarfs in space suits are the toy soldiers du jour at Sho3box Towers I tracked this peculiar but beautifully sculpted and cast miniature down on Ebay a week or two ago.  I painted the figure to match the colour scheme used for the rest of the Ursa Miners.

The contrast in the photo did something weird to the figures beard, it looks less chalky in real life, honest.


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  1. […] now have two engineer Squats painted: the post on the White Dwarf Subscription Squat is here.  In spite of that, the concept of an Adeptus Mechanicus squat engineer doesnt make a lot of […]


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