One of my Salute purchases was Project Pandora: Grim Cargo.  This sci-fi dungeoncrawl game  is supplied with twenty Mantic miniatures, ten of which are veer-myn (space rat-men).

In order to have painted miniatures to play the game with I started work on these guys last week and finished them today.

I did a pretty fast job on these.  They paint job looks fine on the table but doesnt stand up to heavy scrutiny.

The “official” colour scheme used by Mantic for these guys is a bright yet dirty yellow reminiscent of a warning sign.  I liked that a bright colour was used as it helps to set the figures in a more sci-fi setting that the usual dirty browns and greys seen on skaven.  The yellow Mantic guys look to me like they are wearing plastic rags, rather than the usual brown material, which I think looks pretty cool.

I figured that a bright toxic waste green colour would still be artificial looking (and therefore sci-fi) plus it would make my veer-myn look a little bit different from the photos on the box.  Additionally I like painting bright green so it was an easy fit.

Finally this unpleasant looking guy: a Night Spawn.  This large figure isnt supplied in the Grim Cargo box, but I picked one up to paint anyway.  I wouldnt normally go for the somewhat adolescent blood-drenched-drill look, but in this case I thought that the red gore would contrast nicely with the green armour.

These figures will be getting used in Project Pandora games staring tomorrow evening.  They are also likely to feature in some 7TV games that I have planned.  They will also fit in as mutants in post apocalyptic games.



I gave COM the Corporation miniatures from my copy of Project Pandora so that he could get them painted up while I did the veer-myn.  He will be giving me replacement Corporation miniatures once he gets his own copy of the game.

The net result of that was that we were able to get three fully painted games of PP:GC played last night.  A week and a half turnaround while not record breaking, is pretty swift around these parts 🙂



7 Responses

  1. I like the putrid green on these guys. I am thinking mutants more than using them as “skaven”. They could go well in a traitor army as well.


    • Thanks lordsiwoc, I enjoy painting that green colour because it gives such a lurid result.

      You are right about a 40K Traitor/Lost & Damned army: the gas masked veer-myn in particular look the part.


  2. Great looking paint job, Paul. They look really good even with the close up treatment. You’ll be wanting your Skaven back soon.


    • I think that I kept a couple of skaven from the batch that I sent you “just in case”.

      I have some Shockforce “Goth Rats” that should fit in reasonably well with these guys (more post-apocalyptic than the pulp sci-fi veer-myn but thats also fine with me), so my miniature ratman needs are fully covered for the time being 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback.


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  4. […] Payback is painted to match my Rekall Rentokillaz veer-myn team, which uses a similar colour scheme to that used by my Project Pandora/Warpath (and soon Deadzone) veer-myn. […]


  5. […] roughly copied the colour scheme for the ‘killaz from the Warpath veermyn miniatures that I painted last year.  That bright yellow/green is fun to […]


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