Ursa Miners: Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon

Next off the Ursa Miner assembly line is this artillery piece: the Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon.  It bears quite a resemblance to a piece of 1980s 40K nostalgia known as the “Thudd Gun” too, not that I am complaining.

The Jotunn is quite a large, chunky piece.  It was a little awkward to assemble.  Nothing major, but I should have plonked the kit in hot water to remove the small amount of bowing/warping in the kit before I started gluing.  It wasnt a big deal though, definitely not something that should put anyone off.

I had a couple of issues with a pot of Devlan mud that decided to misbehave while painting this piece.  Between that and the hassle with assembly I was glad to see the Jotunn finally finished.  If I get another of these models tableworthy it will take me about half the time I reckon.

In keeping with trying to keep the fantasy element reasonably low I chose to avoid the runic script and iconography normally associated with dwarfs/squats.  I decided to add Tau transfers to the Jotunn (the white writing just about visible on the top of the camouflaged shield above) as:

  1. I had a couple of those transfer sheets handy
  2. The Tau transfers look a lot more anime or sci-fi than the usual gothic/grimdark, roman numeral heavy transfers that I own loads of.

More Space Dwarf stuff to come.


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