Ursa Miners: Stormrage Veterans

The second squad of my Ursa Miner space dwarfs finished are more Mantic Forgefathers.  This time its the veteran troopers, busily stormraging-it-up with their heat cannon and large calibre projectile weapons.  And astro-hammer thing.

Unlike the plastic Steel Warriors and just like the veer-myn, these guys are made from Mantics “plastic resin”.  Im not sure what makes the stuff plastic resin rather than simply resin, but the net result is that its rigid grey stuff.  I found it far easier to work with than the rubbery texture of GW Finecast.

These guys look a little stylistically different to the Steel Warriors.  In particular the designs got some online flak regarding the armoured “beards”.  Considering that a number of genuine real world cultures take facial and head hairstyles very seriously I am fine with the notion that these guys do too.  With that in mind I dont really object to the figures featuring beard armour, but I didnt feel the need to paint those elements different colours to ensure that they stood out either.

Then after all of that reasoning and justification, I ended up having to paint the mouth region of the helmets with a little silver anyway in order 1) to tie them in with the Steel Warriors and 2) to give the dark colour scheme a few more areas of visual interest.

The scheme used matches that used on the Steel Warriors.  If I paint some more similar squads its possible that I will come back and add squad markings of some form or another.  Maybe.


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