Land War in Asia Competition

Donogh at Land War in Asia is running a fun competition.  One of the criteria for entry is that I highlight three of the posts from his blog here.

Land War in Asia: Ambush


First up is a shot from a recent post about modern Afghanistan gaming.  The only modern gaming that I do involves zombies, so its safe to say that I dont really game in the modern period.  Its all cheesy sci-fi for me in one form or another.

Therefore I think that its worth noting that this post grabbed me anyway.  Mainly this was due to all of the nice details that are worked into the terrain.  I like the numbered objective markers, the dusty, dirty die cast car and the like.  The overall impression from the table is fantastic.

Land War In Asia: A Good Day To Die - Setup


Another desert game although this time its not set on this planet.  Again it is the coherent look of the whole table that appeals to me.  From the troops to the vehicles to the outcrops to the buildings all of the models look like a matching set.

Although I have been pushing in that direction with my stuff for a while my tendency to flit around the place regarding my projects can often make for an less coherent look on the table than I would like.  Therefore I am envious of Donoghs harmonised set-ups and enjoy checking them out.

Land War in Asia: A Good Day to Die - Scenario


Lastly, the post illustrated by the image above shows the amount of work put in to one of the games set-up on LWiA.

Its safe to say that I am the guy in my gaming group that drives things forward and generally does the majority of the prep work for our gaming. I dont tend to go into the detail shown above though, although it pleases me to see that some people do.

So, thats enough shilling for one day 😉


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