Man Cave

I spotted some photos of fellow enthusiasts Man Caves in a couple of different places over the last few days and so I decided to put up a couple of photos of my toy room that I took last year.

The Man Cave

The shot above is taken from the corner of the room by the door.  It shows the place in pretty much its normal state: not very messy but with a fair bit of work in progress stuff on the table.

If anyone was bothered (which they arent) it would be possible to work out how mentally frazzled I am at any given time by examining the condition of that area.  The state and density of the contents of that table is often analogous to my mental state at a given time.  I am only half joking about this.

The table itself is an 8 x 4′ sheet of MDF sitting on the bench that the carpenter put together to work on skirtings and banisters etc when the house was being built in 05/06.  I asked him to leave it there as a stop gap until I got a “proper” table… which still hasnt happened.

More Man Cave

Another shot of the table with some ape, zombie and alien miniatures that I was working on roughly a year or so ago.  I do almost no miniature painting in the Man Cave although preparatory clean up and assembly work always takes place in here, along with the painting of terrain or vehicles and the like.

Somewhat self evidently that table is where my tabletop and board gaming pursuits take place.

Miniature Cabinet 1

The miniatures cabinet here was given to me for free by a redecorating florist, as long as I would take it away myself, which I did.

I need to organise some more brackets and shelving for it at some stage.  I reckon that I could get another two rows of shelves into it if I could work out who and where to go to to get the right bits and pieces.  Maybe I might get around to it this autumn.

There are lots of figures of various quality on show in that cabinet with my Sin Eaters Chaos Space Marine army on the bottom left and my Iacon Eldar on the bottom right.

The top shelf has loads of stuff on it dating back as far as the mid eighties right up to a year or so ago.  It consists of 6mm Epic stuff, Blood Bowl teams, some Elves, some Lizardmen, some Robots, some Grey aliens and loads of other bits and pieces.  I have plenty more in storage too waiting for some more shelf space.

Miniature Cabinet 2

The second smaller Ikea cabinet houses my more recent stuff.  This photo is a year old now though, so its a bit out of date in terms of its content.  This cabinet has worked out well and I plan to get one or two more along with more consistent shelving for the entire room later in the year.

Lead Storage

The boxes in the corner here contain some of my shamefully large unpainted lead mountain.  The less said about that the better.

Mostly Comics

Mostly comics on these shelves along with some of the assorted toys and Optimus Prime helmets and other bric a brac that dorks like me tend to accumulate for unclear reasons.


This set of shelves is largely rulebooks and game related magazines etc.  It will become slightly neater once I reorganise the room in a month or two (after the now obligatory trip to Ikea).

I have done a little work and reorganisation to the room since those photos were taken and I plan to do a large overhaul in the autumn.  I will probably revisit this topic then.


6 Responses

  1. That’s damn nice, one of the best I’ve seen, functional and like you I don’t do much painting in the cave, mostly in front of the TV in the sitting room.


    • Yep, painting in front of the tube is my routine. It definitely slows down my turnover but it has a few positive effects (with the fact that I dont spend my entire life consigned to the dungeon on my own being one of the main ones).

      The shelves are all going to be taken out over the next couple of months (they will be going into my wifes ceramics studio) and I will be filling the walls back up with cheap, uniform Ikea shelves. That will help a lot with the clutter and make the place another shade or two more civilised.

      I will take a photo of my painting set up and post it too, just for fun.


  2. Lord Siwoc here, this is a pretty nice mancave! You have it so orderly!

    My battle with the clean up and rearranging of my own mancave is in progress.

    About what you asked me in my blog, I am willing to trade too. We just need to figure out what then


    • Im glad that you like it. The clean-up and reorganising is an ongoing thing, but I am hopeful that the next big rearrangment will be the last for a long time.

      I am quite looking forward to getting it that much closer to exactly how I like it.


  3. Nice man cave you’ve got there, Paul. Good subject of an article too.

    I’m actually working on my own at the moment. I’m clearing out the cellar, where a part of it will host my workbench together with some shelves for ongoing projects. It will be nothing compared to the size of your man cave, but it will let me leave half-finished work out in the open, in an untidy fashion. I reckon that the actual painting will still be made in my apartment. I’ll get back with some pics when it’s ready.


    • Its a great feeling to be able to dedicate an entire room to my hobby. Being able to leave larger projects alone while they are ongoing rather than having to set up and tear down all the time is big deal too.

      As I mentioned above I would get more miniatures painted if I didnt paint them in the living room with all of the attendant distractions. It does mean that I can make at least some progress while spending time in the same room as my wife as she reads or watches TV or whatever.

      I would love to see pictures of your cellar as you get it fit for purpose (particularly if it has some photos of your modern terrain set up too).


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