Following on from last weeks post showing photos of my games room I thought that I would put up a couple of photos of my painting area, just for the sake of completeness.  Not strictly a workbench I suppose, but whatever.

Workbench July 2011

The slightly crooked picture above shows where I paint.  I have natural light from the left for when I need it and the lamp for the rest of the time.

I used a lower table for years but the constant leaning forward was taking its toll on my back.  It used to look like this…

Workbench April 2010

Therefore earlier this year I bought the rather vulgar tall bar table thing shown in the first photo and the photo below. Its not the prettiest (I particularly dislike the chrome leg and the nasty plasticy look of the big honking lamp) but its functional.

I intentionally chose a small table as while I work I slowly tend to cover all available space within arms reach with paraphenalia.  If I physically limit the size of the work area then I am forced to tidy the clutter more often, so it doesnt get too badly out of control.

Clutter is definitely the worst thing about the hobby.  Whether playing, painting or storing my hobby stuff, there is always clutter: its impossible to avoid, yet I still hate it.

Desk and Paint Storage July 2011

Alongside the table is the cheap plastic drawer set that I keep my paints in.  Four drawers have paints in them and the other two have flock, PVA, transfers, varnish and some other odds and ends that are used when painting figures.  Glue, files, sandpaper and anything else to do with figure assembly and preparation are stored and used in the man cave.

Its a functional space, but not a pretty one.  As my painting area is located in the living room we both see it every day whether I am painting or not, so I am currently on the lookout for ways to make it a bit easier on the eyes.  I may tackle the issue at the same time that I sort the Man Cave out properly, likely in September with a bit of luck.

5 Responses

  1. As you said it’s functional, good location, practical but damn ugly.


    • Yep. One thing at a time though. The first bit of hobby redecorating in 2011 will be turning making the man cave look (a little) more like somewhere that grown ups might hang out.

      After that then its tackling the painting area so that the living room looks less like somewhere that some oddball hangs out….regardless of the facts.

      I am thinking some kind of L-shaped bench, but its too early to say for sure.


  2. Due in no small part to these few posts of yours, I’ve been lately cleaning up my study where I do my painting. A lot of my unpainted lead has finally gone into shoeboxes (sans 3) instead of taking up massive shelf space and various IKEA containers. Next up: total redecorations of the study. All that is needed is a few hundred extra euros.

    Your painting area is so neat, it actually made me laugh when I looked at mine 😀


  3. Clutter….. It is a gamers nemesis! I like your aproach to this problem.

    I am sorting through more of my stuff as I dig into the piles of lead and plastic. Small army of high elves appeared, karskin plasma and melta gunners… I have never used these myself!!! Where the hell did they come from?!


  4. How my mother would laugh if she thought that I was encouraging people to tidy up rather than make a mess I lived like a pig that had really let itself go until I hit my early twenties.

    We are in our house since 2006 and kitting out the Man Cave with shelving etc was pretty much the last priority. Five years later the time has eventually come though. It wont be expensive or plush but it will be uniform, clean and tidy. Which will be all kinds of satisfying.

    @Mikko: Dont forget to take some “before” and “after” photos of the study.


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