Dead Body Objectives


I needed some markers to represent dead bodies that some characters had to rummage around in during the Get to the Chopper! game recently, so I quickly painted these a week or so beforehand.

The two variants – legless, rib cage exploded outwards dead guy and sad, died in abdominal agony in long coat lady – come from the rather cool terrain pack that is available for Sedition Wars.  Considering the sorts of miniature games that I favour, rummaging through chunks of imaginary dead body comes up a fair bit, so I expect these to get a lot of use.  Im surprised that I never got around to something like this before now frankly.


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  1. Outward exploding ribs and fatal abdominal agony? Remind me not to order take-out in this neighbourhood. *Puts on sunglasses*


  2. Some very realistic gore effects right there. What did you use for making the innards?


    • The models were supplied in the dismembered state that they are in, innards sculpted on exactly as shown, just in case that was what you were asking 🙂

      To paint them I just roughly apply dark red and some pinks/grey (to represent organs rather than gore) over black. I then paint chestnut ink around the edges of the area to represent staining and possibly browner, more congealed blood. Mostly I just think that it just works visually for some reason.

      I then apply a mix of Tamiya Clear Red plus a tiny bit of black acrylic thinned with water over the gore areas.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  3. These look seriously great. I should dig mine out over the weekend and paint them as well. Inspiration can be seriously useful, and your blog is never lacking in it. I even manage to follow-up on being inspired occasionally.


    • Im not known for being a cup half full person and the Sedition Wars KS was a mixed bag (as you know). All that said, one of the very big highlights for me was the terrain pack and the very least interesting thing in that pack was these little corpses.

      Feel the transglobal power of my positive thinking 😉

      You should be able to fire out those ubiquitous dead body models in a very short time if you want to.

      Thanks for the kind words Azazel 🙂


      • Just due them out – three terrain boxes worth (18 corpses in total) and they really are very average indeed, aren’t they? Still, sometimes crap miniatures are the easiest to paint, since you don’t need to (can’t?) care about them a whole lot.

        I’ll probably glue them down to some Proxie bases today and then see what I can do with them as a weekend side project.


        • The corpses look more like playing pieces from a board game than proper 28mm hobby miniatures for sure. All the more reason to get stuck in and churn them out.

          I have some other corpse markers that I put together from parts a few years ago, and guess what? By the time that I had them made I was running out of enthusiasm and they never got painted. No such problem with these, just fired them out. At three feet away they look perfectly fine on the table.


          • Almost the exact same wording I had in my head about them, actually. They’re ok as tokens, but as miniatures, they’re just more McDisappointment from SW. Still, the scenery packs were ok overall. With 3 sets, I have pretty much all the sci-fi doors I should ever need for scenery building.

            I’ve got so much backlog though, that for bits like this I *really do* need to see something like your blog post to inspire me to dig them out and knock them over. They’re all glued to upside-down Proxie bases now with textured paint ’round the edges. Hopefully I can hit them with some black primer from the airbrush later today, do the bases, and maybe even start adding some paint to the figures on the bases…


            • Backlog is always a hurdle. Looking at the miniature mountain in its entirety would paralyse all but the most insane. Consistent, bts sized chunks gets me some progress.


              • Yup. The trick (or challenge!) for me is to make myself finish previous projects before jumping into the next bite-sized one. 😉


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