Protesters #3, #4 and #5


“What do we want? Apathy!  When do we… ah whatever.”

Companion pieces to Protesters #1 and #2, these three models will be populating my urban sci-fi terrain as part of my ongoing efforts to turn it from a 28mm ghost town into a bustling dystopian megalopolis in miniature.

The figures come from “Offensive Miniatures“.  I have mildly converted them to make them a bit more sci-fi, swapping the head on one and adding some Mega City One style knee and shoulder pads from kits and out of green stuff.


The head on the guy on the left and the grey plastic shoulder and knee pads are from the old “Gangs of Mega City One” set. The others are just green stuff blobs.

In addition to being ready to feature in my own games from now until the grave, the protesters may potentially be useful for a couple of games that I am taking part in next weekend.  The first is a game being run by Axiom from Magpie and Old Lead that features a number of sci-fiction rioters.  Axiom has already prepped a large number of rioters (~40) so he certainly doesnt need my help, but I figured that I would use that game as a deadline for completing my little group of protesters all the same.  I will bring them to the event and they might make guest appearances perhaps.

Similarly, Asslessman from Leadplague will be running a cyberpunk style game at the same event which I will be also be taking part in.  A few months ago there was talk of a possible requirement for civilian miniatures in that game so again, the protesters will be available for that scenario should they be useful in it.


As per the self-imposed brief for the previous two protesters, the slogans had to be meaningless and hopefully amusing.   The previous two had set a late 80s/early 90s musical vibe, so I followed through on that with these guys.

I couldnt set up an in-situ photo of these guys this evening.  I will come back to them and document their protest on location when I get some more terrain finished in September.


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  1. If we can’t shoehorn the fat guy on wheels into a game of Deathrace somehow then we don’t deserve to have fat guys on wheels.

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    • Dont toy with me Captain. The prospect of driving a buzzsaw equipped Mork 5 into that meaty obstacle seems so obvious in retrospect…


      • Ha-ha eww. Anyway, three more 80’s licious figures. They definitely fill out a regular mob into a dystopian comic book mob.

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        • Thanks No Such Agency.
          That’s the last of the protesters done now I think (unless I track down some of the old 80s Citadel Fatty placard arms perhaps). A sprinkling of these five into a larger group of painted sci-fi civilians will convert the lot into a rowdy mob. The next step is to work on a few more non-protesters I think.
          Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Delicious, seriously. I had Offensive Miniatures protesters on my radar for some time now, but seeing how well they work and integrate, I’m in the urge of getting them!

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    • I traded for just the models with the placards Suber as I was looking for protesters rather than rioters. The Offensive figures were decent casts and nicely defined sculpts to paint – the worst elements to work on were the bits that I added really – so I can definitely recommend them.

      I might try to get my hands on some of the Offensive figures that are obviously in the middle of committing a crime – stealing a TV and the like – as I think that I can use those in Dredd games quite easily.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  3. Is there no limits to your skill Paul ? I love the group.

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  4. I love ‘Tech No’. A real gem of an idea there ;

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    • Yeah, that idea did work out particularly well Matthew 🙂

      Obviously it fits in especially well with the dogmatic technophobia in the 40k setting and it is also easily imagined to be something that bored MC1 citizens might get worked up about, but it is also a direct reference to a track too.

      The rap elements in the 2 Unlimited song “No Limits” (previously referenced by the sandwich board protester in pink) were cut from the UK and Irish release of that track. The only element of the rap left was this bit, a burst of “Techno, techno, techno, techno!” repeated at a few intervals.

      Im betting that there is an entire generation who will, upon reading that placard either say that line or at least hear it in their head, whether they ever liked the track or not. That song is the benchmark for ear worms.

      Thanks for the feedback!


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